Did you really make a mistake?

1. I did 17,630 sit-ups last year.

2. Is it possible to be a sewing coach?

3. How do you make money off the cars that you drive?

4. How can I survive as a bookkeeper?

5. Do you believe an apprentice-style, entry-level position in coaching is possible to find or create?

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“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” — Henry Ford

Other Notes:

Dan’s Goal Setting Worksheet

48 Days Coaching Mastery Program

The Ultimate Advantage Cruise – Feb 2015

Coaching with Excellence – January 29-30, 2015


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  • Cam

    Thanks for the shoutout Dan. Here’s a direct link to the 48days.net post:
    http://48days.net/forum/topics/five-things-i-learned-about-goal-setting-after-doing-17-630-sit/ for anyone who is interested in reading the article.

  • wayne

    my wife Rebecca & I listen to your podcast most every Saturday morning early with a cup of coffee. No matter how many times we here some of the same answers or some of your stories we always come away challenged and encouraged. We have been to CWE and been in your office where you podcast from so we envision you there and it always brings a smile and a laugh at how simplistic and child like you are and yet powerful. What you see is what we get. Keep it up

    • Wayne – thanks for your note. I trust you and Rebecca are enjoying this first Saturday of the New Year.

  • I just wanted to ask a quick question. You mentioned that you were sending out the 48 Days ten year anniversary book to those who contributed. Was this when you asked for information in certain areas like for ex-felons and military veterans? I am both but I did fill out a Google Doc for the ex-felon portion. Is this the same thing? I don’t remember putting my address on there to receive a copy of the book. It was so long ago when you guys asked for it. I almost forgot about it. Let me know, because I’d like a updated copy of the book as well. And if not I will still buy another copy anyway. Thanks!

    • Ricardo – the connection point here was when I asked for new content for 48 Days to the Work You Love. The military/ex-felon is another project. But I value your input there and would be happy to shoot a new copy of 48 Days out to you. Just send me your mailing address – dan@48Days.com

      • Ah man! Thanks Dan! I greatly appreciate that! Christ bless you and all that you put your hands in this 2015 year!