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Hi. I’m Dan Miller.

I’m glad you’re here. My goal is to help you find work that is meaningful, purposeful, and profitable. At 48 Days you will discover a proven process to help you blend your natural skills and abilities, your unique personality traits, and your dreams and passions. While you are here, check out my New York Times best-selling book 48 Days To The Work You Love, No More Dreaded Mondays and Wisdom Meets Passion.

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“Dan’s insight and actual hands-on implementation has influenced thousands of lives including mine.”

– Dave Ramsey,  Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

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Please interrupt me

| Failure, Homepage, No More Mondays, Wisdom meets Passion | 11 Comments

At this time of year I love setting goals and encourage everyone I meet to do the same.  Most every notable accomplishment I’ve experienced I can track back to having a clear goal.  The books I’ve written, trips to places like Africa, selecting the cars I drive, having a Sanctuary on our property, developing a beautiful hosta garden, and learning Spanish all began as a written goal.  However, I know that some of you just resist the process, believing that…


Shared office space – come on in

| Business Start-Up, Finding Passion, Homepage | 22 Comments

Have you ever wished you could leave your house in the morning, going to a place where you shared office space with other creative people?  You don’t want a job – you’re an entrepreneur but you miss sharing ideas with others on a daily basis. Periodically over the years I’ve had the urge to develop a large space into offices for creatives and new entrepreneurs.  I’ve been gathering information on the exploding concept of co-working spaces.  There was a recent…


When you have nothing….

| Homepage, Personal Development | 12 Comments

Joanne and I were in Chicago last week for our annual pre-Christmas excursion.  The weather was bitter cold and the streets were bustling with the usual shoppers.  And as usual, the sidewalks had all too many people with quickly constructed cardboard signs who were hoping to capture the sympathy of passing shoppers. I saw one sign that said: Lost my Job Lost my Home Lost my Hope Please Help What’s the next step?  Is this really an inevitable sequence?  I…

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