better life

I want to move to a better life!

Be careful of thinking that moving is your magic ticket to a better life. “Wherever you go, there you are.” You can have the life you want, by creating it, regardless of the geography. At the same time if you want some new scenery I’ve got a couple really cools places you can move to. Episode…

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Are you creating the future you want?

Too many people look at their life through the rearview mirror – simply looking back at what has already happened. You can create the future you want by developing a clear vision, and a plan of action. Today’s episode is filled with tools to help you do just that. Episode #730 June 12, 2020 Hi,…

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move forward

A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

Three things you can do right now to move forward Many of our most valuable inventions and new business models came out of times of crisis. Don’t just wait for this to be over. Use this time to examine your life and career. Decide now what parts of the old “normal” you want to continue.…

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college degree

Are you paying for “education” or a piece of paper?

How Important Is Your College Degree? In today’s rapidly changing work environment, we have to be very clear on what really is required to get a job or start a business. Never borrow more than your anticipated income for one year for a college degree or any academic degree. And be confident that a valuable…

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