Nail the phone interview

As companies desperately try to screen through candidates in today’s work environment, we are seeing more and more telephone screening interviews prior to a face-to-face meeting.  smileHere are some tips to maximize your success:

A.  Stand up when taking the call; you project yourself much more confidently and with greater enthusiasm.  (Just this week I had a friend tell me about screening phone messages for a duplex rental he has available.  Based on the phone messages left he decides who he wants to actually see in person.)  You too will be screened out quickly if you are seen as not having enthusiasm.

B.  Stand in front of a mirror if possible.  Ask yourself if you look positive. Dress as if you were in an actual interview.  Looking sharp will help you feel sharp.

C.  Smile.  I stress this a lot.  It may sound corny, but I do believe the person on the other end of the phone can “hear” your smile.

D.  Eliminate other distractions.  Do turn off the TV.  Hearing gunshots and screaming will not add to a positive impression.

You can expect to go through multiple interviews that may consist of a phone screening, with different managers or co-workers, over lunch, or on the golf course. All of these are legitimate parts of finding out who you are and what value you may bring to that organization.

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