How can these guys both be in the same business?

Last week I talked with two guys, both in the landscape business.  The first complained bitterly about customers who were hard to please, did not pay their bills on time and didn’t understand the big picture of landscaping.  He went on to say his machines would break down through no fault of his own and that he was filing bankruptcy that day.Athena

The next morning I spoke with Noe, the guy who has taken care of my landscaping and lawn maintenance for the last 15 years.  He told me how great business was, how he had just raised prices by 10% and no one left him and how much he enjoys his
customers.  He went on to tell me that a customer has offered to build him a new building for his equipment in exchange for ongoing landscaping work.  He asked me my thoughts about building 4 apartments on the second floor to rent to his own workers as another source of income.  We also discussed the new carport he’s going to be building for me – with stone pillars and an attached patio. 

Both of these business owners are in the same business, in the same town, with the same seasonal changes, and having access to exactly the same resources.

This reminds me of the story of two shoe salesmen traveling to a foreign country to sell shoes.  The first salesman called immediately and said, “Get me the next flight home.  No one here wears shoes.”  The second salesman called back and said, “Send me our entire inventory.  No one here wears shoes.”

Success is very much an inner game.  Circumstances never determine our success or lack thereof.  Your attitude and mental preparation are far more important than the “economy” or “being in the right place at the right time.”  Look for opportunities that others around you do not see.

So, how’s business?

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