Honoring my wife and killing myself

I have a successful podcast I’ve been running. I’m miserable at my full time job-I’m physically drained and not mentally or physically healthy. I’m thinking of going full time internet business because – I come alive and I’m able to balance my life out. The problem is my wife is not supportive with the idea.

Is Dan a real person?

This is a test to see if you are a real person or not. I bought 2 books of yours to try and figure out what to do with my pathetic life and I’m still drawing a blank. Face it I’m a loser and smart people don’t talk to people like me. I’ve got 100 bucks bet I never hear from you.

Freedom in the Jungle

A listener is less ready to go back to an office after spending so much time working outdoors in a less structured, free-flowing environment.

$150,000 for a miserable job

Hi Dan, I’ve often entertained the idea of writing a book, and feel that it would not only be fun, but a good source of additional income should it become successful. However I’m just not sure where to start or if anyone would even be interested about what I have to say.

Pray with your legs

Hi Dan, my wife is 5 months pregnant and has quit working, due to some issues with back pain. She currently stays at home and is bored out of her mind! She wants to work, but thinks that no one will hire her because she is pregnant. Is this true? Her only work experience is in the fast food industry, and she feels this limits her opportunities. Are there any legitimate work at home opportunities here?