Does the 48 Days Job Search process really work?

A reader asks Dan: Does the 48 days job search process really work? Dan answers with another reader's letter of success.

I received this note two days ago:

Hi, Dan,

I have read your book, 48 days, and I wanted to know does your job search process really work? I have been told that approach, mailing through the mail is old school, takes too long, people toss letters like that in the trash, email is faster, people keep emails as oppose to paper, etc.48 days job search process

I have been out of work for 4 months now. I am totally petrified. I have tried networking, passing out my resume to family and friends, etc., and still nothing.

I am not a fan of picking up the phone. I have a mental block when I pick up the phone for some reason, I just cannot shake.

Would you please explain to me, so that it can calm my fears. Does your job search process really work and why? I live in a small market with a limited amount of companies around so I have to make a good first impression, otherwise I will go through the companies with nothing to show for my efforts. I am 60, scared and afraid of making a mistake. So, I would please appreciate if you would help me to understand why and how your job search process works so I can be calmer and get a job ASAP, and my wife would be more at ease.

Thanks, I do appreciate it in advance.

Sincerely, Bill

My response:


Yes, the job search process I lay out in 48 Days to the Work You Love works exactly as it reads.  In the 03-30-17 Podcast you’ll hear a whole new round of testimonials from just the last few days.  They come in every day.

If you listen to the naysayers you’ll be convinced an innovative approach doesn’t work, the economy is horrible, you are in a small market, you’re too old, no one is hiring, etc.  But companies are desperately looking for people who are clear on their value and are ready to join their teams.  Identifying 30-40 companies allows you to not wait for someone to have an “opening” or for that company to take the initiative to advertise a position. That’s how we find the 78% of jobs that are never advertised anywhere.  

But then having found those companies and sent out your introduction letters and resume – you have to be aggressive about making personal contacts.  Ultimately, it comes down to a personal meeting and selling yourself effectively.  No reputable company will hire you based on seeing your resume only.  You have to be creative about getting in front of the decision makers – phone calls, walking in the front door, waiting in the parking lot in the early morning are all legitimate ways to make those personal contacts.  You cannot sit at home and wait for a job offer to come in. Tweet This

If you committed to walk in the front door of 8 businesses every day next week in your local community, I’m confident you’ll get multiple job offers.  No, this isn’t the complete process, but it’s a quick and effective way to get things moving. The first offer may not be exactly what you want, but by offer number 4 or 5 you’ll have your confidence back and be able to negotiate for what you really do want.  

You can do this. You’re not too old. You’re not in too small a market.  You need to present yourself with confidence and optimism, and you’ll find the world is waiting for what you have to offer.

Just remember, no one cares as much about your success as you do.  No one will be more enthusiastic about having you on their team than you are.  No one will take more initiative for getting you a position than you do.  You are selling a product, and that product is “You.”  True, selling is simply sharing enthusiasm, so you have to be excited and enthused about the product you have to offer.  

Pull out the Job Search worksheet, jump into the process and be confident of the results. The 48 Days process is just information. YOU have to take action to make it work.  But then you can join the thousands of others like Stephanie from this week’s success stories:


Hi Dan!  Excited to share my success story.  Six years ago, I read and followed the plan you lay out in 48 Days to the Work You Love. I went from a $10 an hour job, to a 6-figure sales management position. In that job, I led a team of young professionals & walked alongside them in personal & professional development.  

In September 2015, I attended Coaching With Excellence & met many amazing people, including Jevonnah Ellison. I’m now a member of her mastermind and have launched my coaching business. I work with young professionals who want to advance their career.  

Stephanie Andrews


Keep me posted on your success!


P.S.  If you’re coaching people to higher levels of success, check out Coaching Mastery to position yourself as a reputable and prosperous coach.

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