Helping Others Thrive is the Hallmark of Her Success

Coach, Speaker and Trainer — And the 48 Days Eagles Dean of Coaching

“Give them the VIP treatment!” That’s Jevonnah Ellison’s strategy for her coaching business. Lady J built her business from the ground up by staying true to herself and being smart with her time and resources. Not only is she an expert in building and growing a coaching business, but also in the principles of how to have the right mindset, the right idea, and the right network to make dreams a reality.

Jevonnah launched her business in 2014, and got her start by connecting with her faith community through her church.

She says, “I knew I wanted to do so much more than just be the typical minister’s wife or, only serving ministry in that role. I wanted to see people thrive financially, emotionally, physically in all aspects of their life. And so I remember saying, ‘God, I know there has to be so much more. I know there has to be something else that I’m supposed to be doing.”

The Power of the Right Mindset and a Good Coach

Armed with the right mindset, Jevonnah got plugged into the 48 Days Eagles community, where she was surrounded by an amazingly supportive group of people who are also starting and growing their business.

Through 48 Days, she connected with Dan Miller through a Coaching with Excellence event, and eventually enrolled in the 48 Days Coaching Mastery program, where she learned to take her passion for helping others and her growth mindset and turn it into a thriving coaching business.

Jevonnah said of that program that, “I came to Coaching with Excellence and my life forever changed that day. I signed up for Coaching Mastery on the spot, and that proved to be probably the single best decision I could have ever made for my coaching business.” “I came to Coaching with Excellence and my life forever changed that day. I signed up for Coaching Mastery on the spot and that proved to be probably the single best decision I could have ever made for my coaching business.”

Jevonnah’s story really shows the power of investing in ourselves and our dreams. Putting a growth mindset into action means putting our efforts and our resources directly toward what we want to achieve.

Dan and the 48 Days team helped Jevonnah put her talents into action. Jevonnah says, “Dan personally reached out to me, and we talked about the law of the tithes, where, when you’re able to give that 10%, something happens. There are miracles, where you begin to reap a harvest by sewing that 10%, not just in ministries, but also in your personal life.” “The Goal: First Connect and Serve”

Much like Dan, Jevonnah didn’t set out to start a business necessarily, but rather to connect with her community and help people on their journeys. She spent time developing a message for her women’s Bible study, and eventually grew that audience to include men in her church as well.

After seeing how much of a difference her talent for helping and guiding people could make in the lives of others, Jevonnah decided to launch her coaching business with a special VIP event in February 2014. All in all, she had been continuously investing in herself and her business and growing her audience through her church network for five years before she began her coaching seminars.

“Now people are coming to me asking when my next event is. They want to fly in for the next events. And it’s just amazing how, when you take that first leap of faith, you never know what it will turn into.”

Jevonnah took that leap of faith after not only investing time and resources into learning materials and networking events, but also by being persistent in the slow, consistent, work of building a business over time.

“If you want to take the first step towards finding your community and your coach, join the 48 Days Eagles Community!”

She committed to the 15 hours per-week plan that Dan recommends, where she spent time on marketing, studying, creating her materials to serve others, and actually doing the work she truly loves: coaching. Jevonnah says she squeezed in the time on lunch breaks, weekends, and in the evenings around her day job. With the help of an old-fashioned kitchen timer, she made sure she was putting the right amount of her time into her dreams.

Jevonnah now has a very successful coaching business, her own podcast (The Thrive Podcast), her own Mastermind, events and more.

One of Jevonnah’s secrets to her success has been remaining coachable herself, and staying open to the advice of others. She’s still coached by Dan today as she continues to grow her incredible business and share her gifts and talents with those she serves.

“I just want to say, you being my coach has absolutely transformed not only my business, but my life. I just want to publicly say thank you for believing in me. Thank you for putting me out there. Thank you for always being there. I’m so grateful. I’m so thankful. I just want to say to all of you all who want to be coaches: If this is something you want to do, you’ve got to invest in your own coach. You need to have the power of a coach, the power of a mastermind. It’s something that will always be a part of my life.”

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