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Dave Ramsey on Dan Miller and the 48 Days Career Concepts:

“There are a few categories of our lives that define us and grow us. They define us and grow us spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and as people in general. In my life and in the lives of those who have journeyed to find their “calling,” our work is one of those powerful defining areas. A j-o-b is sadly what most people settle for, but as Dan Miller so powerfully points out, a “calling” lights up your life.

Dan’s insight and actual hands on implementation of discovering and developing a “calling” has influenced thousands of lives as well as mine and many of my team members. You see, implementation is the key. In the last few years I have been very inspired to be “Wild at Heart” and to have a “Purpose Driven Life” and am a huge fan of those culture impacting works. I am even more excited by 48 Days because it puts clothes on the concepts. You may be like me, I sometimes need someone to help me put the concepts into ACTION! Knowledge without action is personified in the over-educated broke and broken that wonder listlessly among us.

In Dan’s best selling book, “48 Days To The Work You Love” you are led to implement a step-by-step plan to show the world your purpose and your heart in way that is most satisfying. It is satisfying not because you will never face adversity. It is satisfying not because you won’t make mistakes in process. It is satisfying not because your career will zoom zoom and never look back. Because you will fall, you will err, and your career will not take a perfect path. No, this material is satisfying and life changing because you will have the tools to discover a key part of the plan God has for you life. This material is satisfying because when you begin discovering and IMPLEMENTING this plan you will have a sense of God-given power that will propel you through adversity and errors. This new God-given power will even give you the energy to recognize that even the wrong turn can benefit the end result.

I have personally been blessed in the last several years to meet and spend time with people who have become inordinately successful. I have observed several common traits among them. Two of those traits stand out. One, they have a “calling,” have discovered it, and are going about the job of implementing it in real life. Two, they have made mountains of mistakes in the process of becoming “successful.” The gleaming mountain of success is actually a pile of trash; a pile of the mistakes we have made. The difference in the successful and the troubled is not error free living. Instead it is that by discovering and implementing a life “calling” the “successful” is standing on their pile of trash and the troubled is sitting under theirs.

Most of us spend way too much of our lives facing paralyzing fear, shame, guilt, and dread when it comes to our work. Work has come to be the daily grind instead of the great adventure it should be. The beauty of this material is that as you implement it you will gradually work through the negative emotions and into a real world thriving growing life in the area of work. Speaking from the heart of someone who lives this material everyday; you will never be without doubt, fear, or mistakes. However, by finding and functioning in your “calling” you will increasingly grow into a confidence that you were put here to win in spite of those things, not without them.

I am personally so excited for you because by working Dan’s 48 Days Materials you will be lighting a fire. The wood may be old or the wood may be wet but it (you) have the capacity to become a raging bonfire! These are materials about implementation, SO DO IT!”

Dave Ramsey


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