What If My Dream Isn’t Paying the Bills?

A Special Study Edition 

Note from Dan: I have received so much great response from my recent podcast in which I answered a father’s question about his son who wants to pursue a writing career but his parents are concerned that he’ll be able to make a living. So many of our listeners are in this boat, asking how can I pursue my passion if it won’t pay the bills.

The podcast resonated with listener Heather Bonham so much that she put together a Study Guide to go along with this podcast. She says: “Last week’s podcast episode should be required listening for students who want to pursue a creative path.  I want my daughter not only to listen, but really study this episode.  Therefore, I’ve created a study guide for it.  I plan to pay my daughter for her time to listen to your podcast and complete the study guide.  I will attach the study guide and answer key to this email.  Please use and/or share it as you wish.”

You can listen to the podcast on this page.