Chase your passion, not your pension

1. My wife and I want to do a 4 hour workshop on marriage? How should we price it? 2. Dan, I would like to become a distributor of your products. 3. I want to start an online business building and selling custom computers. 4. How can I combine my love of sewing and spending time with my grandchildren into a business? 5. Is it legal to use a pattern I bought to make chairs that I sell? 6. How can I stay motivated when I don’t the personality to market my business? [download id=”174″ format=”1″]

The Two Travelers and the Farmer

1. How can I get my wife to expand her cake decorating into a real business? 2. I started a job 5 months ago, and now realize it a poor fit.. Is there a minimum I should give a job before I decide to move on? 3. I’m discovering my current field is not a good for my God given gifts. 4. What do you think of the SOPA Bill and PIPA (Act)? 5. How can I promote my services as a coach in my home town [download id=”173″ format=”1″]    

Why was Ben Franklin so successful?

1. Is it selfish and or are we abandoning any hope of close relations with family if we move away? 2. I have been working in the corporate world for almost a year now and absolutely hate it. 3. Today I had a lunch meeting with our Student Ministries pastor and he feels like it is time for me to move on. 4. I was wondering how you survive in serving people when you love God but really have no tolerance for people? 5. I would really love to have my cake and eat it too but I can’t find … Read More

Is this idea of a “life that we love” more of an ideal than a practicality?

1. Do i need a copyright on these DVD’s before I sell them? 2. How can one narrow down the specific area of coaching/advisor? 3. What is the best program on how to set and achieve goals? 4. What is the best advice for constructing and implementing a mission statement for people new to this? 5. How do I best approach the lack of a degree in my job search and with interviewing?   [download id=”171″ format=”1″]

Start writing in your Opportunity Book for 2012

1. Dan, can I teach someone else’s system of time management? 2. I’m a lowly mail clerk by day and a lowly pizza deliverer by night. 3. How is selling different for the different personality types? 4. Could you share a little bit about your background, and your connection to the Amish? 5. What kind of a role do you see spirituality playing in having a fruitful, rewarding career?   [download id=”166″ format=”1″]

“I wasn’t losing, I was learning how to win.”

1. Dan, I have accepted the call to the ministry. 2. How does one continue to get customers to buy their service or product? 3. I believe that what is holding me back so far is my “fear” 4. How should I get started in the Public Relations field? 5. My commissions as an independent health insurance agent/broker are diminishing. 6. Should I buy a $10,000 franchise?   [download id=”163″ format=”1″]

What I admire most about Donny and Marie

1. I want to live beyond awesome! 2. How can I increase income with my classic wooden boat tour business in Portland? 3. Can I teach meditation and wellness online and make real money? 4. Should I come up with a name for my company before I contact companies about distributing their goods? 5. Is there a $5 a month service that I can offer to individuals and build up a 2,000 membership list that would pay my salary, so I would be able to volunteer full time for my church? 6. Does anyone ever *really* get anything extra by … Read More

Without goals you’re like a goose going south

1. How do I make the transition from the discovery stage to the action stage? 2. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, but no idea what to do with it. Where do I start? 3. Hi Dan, what’s your take on being a car salesman? 4. I am not doing work I love. I like – about 5% of my work. The rest I dislike and dislike a lot. 5. I’m already underpaid and now the company has announced a 5% pay cut for everyone. 6. I really want to be great at something but I have too many interests. [download … Read More

I was a missionary – now what?

1. How do you organize all of the magazine articles, book excerpts, motivational audio, etc. that you’ve collected over the years? 2. I am barely making ends meet and I would like to make another $50k per year. 3. Travel is my passion that lights my internal fire. How do I work this passion into a career? 4. Stop saying being introverted is the same as being shy. 5. My funding as a missionary has been cut off. What am I supposed to do now? 6. I’m a hardworking entrepreneur and my in-laws don’t understand.   [download id=”160″ format=”1″]

Don’t sell them a Hummer if they need a bicycle

1. Hi Dan, what is your take on direct sales? I’m very discouraged. Am I just making excuses? 2. I think ghostwriting would be an excellent fit for me, but I am not sure how to get started. 3. I think I may be sabotaging my own opportunities for greater success. 4. I know I can do more, but I’ve been doing the same thing for so long I don’t know where to start. 5. My passion is working with young adults, but I don’t want to be a teacher.   [download id=”157″ format=”1″]