Can I really double my income?

1. More of us want that group for introverts – where can we sign up? 2. How does one interview for new positions when working 65+ hours a week now? 3. Should I have one focus for my coaching or be more general to cover more options? 4. Isn’t it true that the attitudes of the person to whom you are married does have some effect on outcomes? 5. I’m doing okay but would it make sense to test my marketability? I’m 40 and feel like my most productive years are still ahead.

Don’t bother me – I’m busy

1. Dan I am going crazy, I am sick with anxiety and worry over my total left over debt of $26K. 2. Can you recommend any websites or print resources that offer examples of Introduction letters? 3. I thought about creating an introverts group but didn’t think any of us would join. 4. How do you handle errors & omissions insurance for coaching? 5. Do you have to do live seminars to make a good living as a coach? I don’t do well with large audiences. 6. If you are not to the level of being where you would like … Read More

Do I have to be fair?

1. How can I be a coach when so many other people are already doing it? 2. I am 25 year old man and am struggling with moving forward in life and business. 3. I would love to know your thoughts on waiting on God, even when you feel like you’re in the wrong place. 4. Do Christians want to be coached or is it better for me to look for another niche? 5. I am mentally drained! I want to be alive again! 6. I’m torn between family loyalty and ambition – which should I choose?

When do we lose our optimism?

1. Can I be a successful salesman with a low D on the DISC? 2. What do you do with your excess books and audio programs? 3. Should I respond to all the job offers I’m getting or stay loyal to my current boss? 4. I’m a music teacher in a rural area and am considering becoming a piano tuner. 5. Do you need to be an expert in the field you are in to be an effective leader? 6. What do you think about approaching churches to ask if they would mention my service to their congregation?

Do I have to drink to be a good salesman?

1. A friend of mine wants me to run an English tutoring school for her… in SPAIN! 2. I’m interested in making writing a central component of my career. 3. I am 61 years old and have been laid off from work now for about seven months. 4. I just had an argument with a recent college graduate who said he didn’t need to have specific skills because he now had a “degree.” 5. When I look inward for my passion I don’t see anything. 6. I am thinking of making handmade soap to make money.

I’m depressed – what should I do?

1. Should I try to sell a current invention or just steal the idea and make it my own? 2. Should I take a job offer with great pay, high stress or low pay and low stress? 3. I have a good job that pays well. Should I just try to be happy with my situation. 4. A friend of mine wants me to run an English tutoring school for her… in SPAIN! 5. Can a person be depressed without knowing it? [download id=”182″ format=”1″]

I’m 36 years old and have been unemployed for 5 years.

1. Do you think partnering with a trusted person to start a coaching business is a good idea? 2. When does a wide variety of interest and the desire to do them well become a liability? 3. After being a stay-at-home Dad for the last 5 years my wife and I are disagreeing about how I should return to work. 4. I am heartbroken with the challenge of relocating back home to PA due to health issues with my mother. 5. I am building my new coaching business and now have been asked to be a deacon at my church. … Read More

Want to be a Millionaire?

1. If necessity is the mother of invention are our conveniences blunting our imagination? 2. How can I create a job recruitment or coaching program specific to my field? 3. I am curious as to how I can protect and present an idea 4. I’m a missionary in a foreign country. Are you saying I shouldn’t be doing my work this way? 5. I am a 53 year old white male who feels that when I turned 50 the doors of opportunity closed 6. I’ve had 10 interviews and 10 rejections. How can I figure out what makes them turn … Read More

Want a pill for Success?

1. I just got an offer to work for an amazing company and this position will more than double my income. 2. Is it possible to be a “life” coach, when you haven’t really succeeded yet in “life”? 3. I’m potentially interested in purchasing somebody’s copyrighted material. 4. Can I please get your opinion on being a stay at home dad? 5. Dan, You give me enthusiasm and hope for finding God’s purpose for my life … and actually getting paid for it. 6. Why are you having your new book published, (big time publisher) instead of doing yourself? [download … Read More

How could you expect to lead an ordinary life?

1. What would you recommend to someone who is trying for the first time in his life to think like a “big picture” entrepreneur? 2. The only type of jobs that I have been able to get are sales jobs, but I’ve failed in all of those. I am just a nice guy, but no path. 3. I am wondering if there is a way to monetize my passion or does it need to stay a hobby? 4. Sometimes I get worn out from too much going on at once. Should I simplify my business or my life so it’s … Read More