Don’t sell them a Hummer if they need a bicycle

1. Hi Dan, what is your take on direct sales? I’m very discouraged. Am I just making excuses? 2. I think ghostwriting would be an excellent fit for me, but I am not sure how to get started. 3. I think I may be sabotaging my own opportunities for greater success. 4. I know I can do more, but I’ve been doing the same thing for so long I don’t know where to start. 5. My passion is working with young adults, but I don’t want to be a teacher.   [download id=”157″ format=”1″]

How can I get a job when I don’t want to promote my recent college degree?

1. When asked what position he wanted with the Kansas City Royals my brother said “second base.” He was hired immediately. 2. Dan, I would like your take on the `hidden jobs’ situation. 3. How do you determine how much your skills are really worth in the open market? 4. If I printed a book with a quotation attributed to the wrong person, how can I correct it? 5. What equipment and software does it require to record my own reading? 6. How does one negotiate time off WITHOUT coming off as “one of those types of people” when they … Read More

Can I “live up to my potential” as an employee?

1. I put my resume on coffee bags and immediately got two interviews. 2. Your comments about the Occupy Wall Street movement sounded like to me “quit complaining and get out there”. I have mixed feelings about that. 3. I have a sales opportunity that requires making 40-50 calls a day. I keep telling myself I can do it but I don’t. 4. My passion is to make Christian Movies, but to be honest, my wife and I are not the best business people. 5. Can I “live up to my potential” as an employee?   [download id=”156″ format=”1″]

Only 10 more years in this stinking job

1. How can I devote full-time to my podcast about anorexia and still generate an income? 2. Do you think it’s worth it to stay at a job where you’re unhappy in order to get a pension? 3. I want to design and build guitars. How do I start? 4. I love to work outside but can’t figure out how to make any money at it. 5. How do I let a 17-yr employee go gracefully? 6. My stepson has a prison record and is very discouraged about not finding work.   [download id=”155″ format=”1″]

Can I make a good living by starting a non-profit?

1.  Where can I start a non-profit and is there a living in this for me? 2.  How do you decided on which project to start first when stuck in a “holding pattern”? 3.  How do I get my app development business rolling to make even $20,000 a year? 4. I’ve read that wealthy people rarely do house work or chores. What’s your take on this? 5.  How can I assert myself as an “expert” or “authority” as a 26-yr-old coach? 6.  Help me find the cons in this business idea so I can make a clear decision.   [wpfilebase tag=file path=’podcast_notes/11-4-11.pdf’ tpl=filebrowser]

How do you stop the guilt of moving on from a ministry job?

1. How do you focus on one idea to implement, when you got loads spinning around in your head? 2. How can a loser like myself better myself? 3. I’m “called” to help the homeless but can’t keep my own bills paid. How can I make this work? 4. I am interested in exploiting my writing and speaking ability to establish an income 5. I am currently a teacher but am not completely happy or fulfilled in this position. 6. How do I stay engaged at work when I have lost interest and my boss is difficult to deal with? … Read More

Know Thyself

In the podcast for this week I am not answering questions. Instead, I expand on the hundreds of questions we receive about finding one’s calling. I take a more theological approach than normal for this one. Know Thyself – John Maxwell says: “There are two great days in our lives – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” Can you identify both of those days in your life? Know thyself – and to thine own self be true. William Shakespeare – Is this just a secular concept – to know yourself and to be true to … Read More

I have a friend who is talking about “ending it all.” How can I help?

1. What do you think about the idea of becoming a personal chef? 2. What if you life in a small rural community where there aren’t a lot of employment options. 3. I suffer from schizophrenia and I’ve had 15 short-term jobs lasting about 6-8 months each. My passion in life is to work for Jesus. 4. I’ve heard you say never to base a business model around selling products to churches. How would you handle this? 5. If one wants to get involved with social entrepreneurship, how do I go about starting something? 6. I’m wondering how much marketing … Read More

Isn’t everything a gamble?

1. What advice do you have for “recent” college graduates trying to get into this job market? 2. Several months ago I asked about going into my own business with a criminal history. Great news. 3. I was just eliminated from a position where I experienced bullying from a serial bullier. 4. Do I need permission from anyone (author, publisher?) to read a book aloud and sell it as an audio book? 5. We have a group of very dear friends through our church, but they discourage us from following any of our dreams. 6. Isn’t everything a gamble?

Would it be possible for me to make money with my passion for classic Cadillacs?

1. I haven’t been to a professional, but suspect I have ADD and self-esteem issues. 2. My art has become what I love to do but I’m wondering if I have put myself out there too soon. 3. You strike me as a man who would have to believe in the benefits of what you sold, what were they? 4. Would it be possible for me to make money with my passion for classic Cadillacs? 5. How would I get clients and get startup capital for a bookkeeping service for small businesses? 6. Is it right for believing Christians to … Read More