Are you living in a gray twilight?

1. I am an artist. I create works of Art. How can I use this to serve others? 2. I have an idea for a button similar to the “easy button” that Staples came out with a few years ago. 3. I know you’re a car guy, so what are your thoughts on providing a car buying service? 4. From your standpoint as a consultant and a businessperson, what are Amish businesses doing well? 5. In your new book Wisdom Meets Passion, does Jared represent passion and you wisdom?

What does an average coach make?

1. How can I resell some books I bought cheaply? 2. I have felt led to become a high school teacher but know I can’t support my family. 3. My work is stealing my soul, and impacting my confidence. Is it okay to leave without a new job? 4. How would you encourage the 25-year-old who has had a different job each year since graduation and can’t seem to find their “dream career”? 5. Is it smart to take a position making less money, if it makes you happy?

You can avoid Criticism …

1. How do I pitch a show for a reality TV series? 2. I recently graduated with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and am having an impossible time finding even an entry level position. 3. I am beaten up daily in my job by debtors screaming and yelling at me but I can’t leave because we’re getting out of debt. 4. I feel like I might be gifted for pastoral work but don’t want the distasteful parts that come with the job. 5. Will the new book “Wisdom Meets Passion” be available in audiobook form? Sites for doing voiceover work: … Read More

Embrace mystery…..

1. Earlier this year I quit my high-paying job to join my wife in our real estate business. Business has been rocking! It was an awesome switch. 2. I’m 41 and haven’t had much success with my career. Please advise as to what I should do.? 3. What is causing me to internally HATE calling people on the phone? I don’t want to feel like this. 4. How would you advise me to approach my job search when all the companies specify NO phone calls or follow-ups, and leave me no choice but to “wait and see”? 5. Do you … Read More

Beware of being busy…..

1. Should I tell potential employers that 3 years ago I had brain cancer? 2. Could I ever catch up to our $130,000 income if I go back and get an accelerated nursing degree? 3. I need help discovering my passion; something that gets me up in the morning. 4. I DO NOT want to go back to corporate. Should I hire a coach? 5. How can I get radio program directors to air my weekly two minute segments on health/fitness/ nutrition? 6. How can I use my MA in Theology if I apply for secular jobs?

Are circumstances holding you back?

1. What key advice do you have for someone to be successful in network marketing? 2. How should I go about trying to drum up customers for my window-washing business? 3. I’m unemployable, due to age, industry, and time “idle.” I’ve made a botch of my life. 4. Could I make a profitable business out of teaching etiquette and life skills to teens? 5. Can you share an example of an obstacle you faced this year and how you overcame it? 6. Can I reclaim my freedom while not being irresponsible, still maintain my income, find work that capitalizes on … Read More

Go ahead – take a chance……

1. I just turned 46 and all the stuff I was going to do is still not done. 2. It is extremely difficult to make a livable profit in this business. 3. What is the difference between a manifesto and an e-book? 4. I’m continuously looking for ways to earn additional income 5. Can I make money in the area of Hip Hop and Comic Books 6. What’s your best advice to those who feel called to ministry but desire to make a better income?

I’m discouraged, confused and frustrated?

1. How can I reprint a book that is out of copyright? 2. I am interested in disaster response and working to feed the hungry. Can I do that with a BS and a MS in engineering? 3. At the end of September, I’m moving back to the US from overseas mission work. I hope to pursue an M.Div, but am concerned about student loans and lack of savings. 4. We have over $150,000 that we have saved up over many years. Should I spend $10,000 in equipment to start my own printing business? 5. How can someone increase their … Read More

Why are you so different?

1. You missed the boat on an answer on your last podcast. 2. I’m going out of my mind living in Cincinnati. 3. Can I create a business around the idea of testing new games? 4. I have an occupation that I love. I hate my current employment. 5. In a nutshell… what are some of your tricks for staying focused? 6. I would like your opinion on a new business idea. How successful would a business model be if…

Would you pay to be better?

1. I am 51, been with same company for 30 years, I have never liked my job. When should I retire? 2. With the real estate market the way it is, would it be advisable to get into sales at this time? 3. After years in a soul-destroying job as an attorney, how do I become the real me again? 4. I am considering starting a business in knife sharpening, but my worry is the shear linear income of this. 5. I am a professor at a small Christian college in St. Louis. Should I get my doctorate degree? 6. … Read More