Are you doing this to bypass other job seekers?

Hi Dan, 

I’m finishing up a website and resume (I’m a graphic designer) and am hoping to begin the official job search soon. However, should I be concerned that the holidays are approaching? In 48 Days To The Work You Love you suggest that it’s better to NOT contact managers at busy times (Mondays, Fridays, etc…). Would the holiday season/end of the year qualify as an altogether tough time to request interview time?

Thanks for your help,  Chad


Great question!  This is a time of year when a lot of job seekers think they might as well wait until Jan. 1st to continue looking for 48Days_logo_newwork.  Everyone knows companies don’t make decisions in Nov. and Dec. Right?  Absolutely Wrong!  Of course they do.  Companies don’t want to start January unprepared.  So what are they doing right now?  They are looking for those key individuals who are going to help them be on track next year.  Now, what happens if a lot of job seekers stop looking in Nov.-Dec.?  You’ve just improved your chances dramatically. 

If you were running a marathon with 500 other runners and 450 of them decided to stop for a cool drink of water – what should you do?  If you are serious about winning you would surge forward and take the lead.  The same thing is true in job searching; if a lot of others take a break, increase your job search.  And trust me; this is a great time of year to be looking.

Also, be aware that this is the time of year when companies decide to make decisions to eliminate people.  We will hear of massive layoffs and firings between now and the end of the year.  For all the above named reasons, companies will be making whatever changes necessary to start the year off right.  Be clear about where you are going and how you are going to get there.  With the average job lasting 3.2 years, the likelihood of continuing even in a job you like is not very high. 

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