On December 7th, our father (Dan Miller) was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, just a week after he was in Vegas with his sons for the U2 concert at the Sphere. The cancer has now spread into his liver, spine, hip, and thigh bone, in just a few weeks. Things are moving quickly.

As always, Ashley, Nathan, and their crew were already here with Mom and Dad, ready to support. Kevin and Jared flew from CO and CA a day later. It’s time to huddle up as a family, to simply be together. We aren’t focused on timelines. We’re soaking in every wonder-filled moment and celebrating Dad’s life and legacy right now, with him.

While our hearts ache… and they do… we are so aware of how blessed we are to be part of a family full of so much love. We’re grateful we can be here together, for all the conversations and card games and food, and each other. We recognize we have the very rare privilege of walking Dad home. For that, we are grateful, and we’ll steward these moments well.

We also recognize there are scores of people who will want to connect with him. So we put something together to honor Dad, to allow him to be part of it, and to create a central tribute location.

And as we honor our father, we’re going to do this our way, just like he would. He always inspires us to ask, “What does this make possible?” and to remember to, “Carry your sunshine with you.”. Dad’s light is still shining bright.

He’s grateful to receive so many kind messages from friends and family and all the people he’s impacted across the world. As always, he’s excited to bring people together for something meaningful.

Dan’s legacy lives in each of us. This is a way for you to share your story with Dan and continue the ripple effect as others are blessed by your story.

We invite you to visit and contribute to Dan’s Tribute website.

If you’ve already sent Dad a message, we encourage you to leave it again on this Love Board (rather than messages getting lost in his inbox and texts).


Dan’s Kids (Kevin Miller, Ashley Logsdon and Jared Angaza)