The 48 Days Career Profile is a powerful, in-depth tool. It gives an immense amount of value, and we want you to maximize each section for your personal application! This is a core component of the coaching and counsel Dan provides his personal coaching clients.

You may download, save and print the guide here. Or, below we’ve provided audio links in order and separated by sections of the report. You can put your report in front of you, click on the links and listen as Dan walks you through! The PDF Download requires a recent version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free here.

Just press the triangle below to hear each audio piece.

Why do we use these things?
What am I going to learn?
Now To Your Actual Report!
  • Main Report All About You –“What a great guy!”
  • Your Keys To Motivation
  • Your Strengths In Leadership
  • Your Historical Character Matches – “Look Ma – I’m Napoleon Bonaparte!”
  • How Others Tend to See Me
  • How I Tend to See Myself
  • Your Graphs – “But I want people to think I’m…”
  • Communication Tips – Relating To Others
  • Your Action Plan
  • Career Match – “I really could be a brain surgeon!”
  • Biblical Character Match – “Just call me Moses.”