10 Tips for Getting Maximum Value from a Conference

Last week a 48 Days radio listener asked this question:  “I am attending many conferences and meet-ups this year. What should be my main objective when I attend them. I hear some people say that 1 tip or takeaway could take my Dan & Seth Godinbusiness to the next level which means I need to listen to the speakers and take good notes. Others say that the sessions doesn’t really matter, its meeting people attending the conferences that will make it worth while. I even heard Cliff say that being in the halls during other sessions are the best time to meet the speakers. What should my agenda be when I attend conferences and how can I add value to others.”  Rey

Great question.  You can skyrocket your success as a result of attending workshops and seminars.  So be prepared:

  1.  Make a list of 3 speakers you want to meet – Why? Have specific questions in advance.
  2.  Attend with someone who is just as interested in learning as you are.
  3.  Craft your Elevator Speech  (1) Who you are (2) What you do (3) Why are you here?
  4.  Have 50 sharp business cards – with your elevator speech printed on the back.
  5.  Get to the meetings early and talk to other attendees. (Don’t try to talk to speakers 5 minutes before their presentations.
  6.  Take 12 pre-stamped postcards to use as Thank Yous to people you meet.  It will leave a major impression if they get a card from you by the time they get home.
  7.  Create a list of notes and questions as you listen.
  8.  Make at least two introductions per day between attendees you’ve just met.  Remember, never eat alone.   Look for opportunities to get to know people during meal times.
  9.  Identify 5 new people you want to stay in touch with.
  10.   Thank the speakers for sharing valuable insights.

After the conference

  •  Choose and prioritize 15 specific worthwhile ideas you got from the event.
  •  Carve out 4 hours in the first week to assimilate and implement the information.

In the next few weeks I’ll be attending

Innovate – right here at the Sanctuary

Social Media Marketing World – San Diego with Michael Stelzner

Launch – Orlando with Michael Hyatt


Making as many conference sessions as I can is a given.  But I have more meetings lined up outside the presentations with key leaders and people I want to meet.  I’ll come back with my 15 ideas ready to go.

If you want an overview of upcoming conferences check out Josh Bulloc’s new ThinkAndGrow site.

If you’re serious about your success you should have the 3 or 4 conferences scheduled that you’ll be attending this year.  Where can I expect to have the privilege of meeting you?

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