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Friday, December 24
Christmas and New Years Greetings, Start 2011 With A Clean Slate, What’s that in your hand? Christmas Quotations: No Strangers on Christmas Eve

Friday, December 17
Welcome from Dan, The Fire of Genius…was extinguished, Have you had your “pig-pen”, I’m Happy to Help You – Unless…, Quotations – Christmas reminds us…

Friday, December 10
Welcome from Dan, Do you really want that Free Lunch? A Business or a Hobby? TakeThis Job and…Love it? Humor – Subtle Signs the Company May be Downsizing, Quotations – Christmas brings hope for the future

Friday, December 3
Welcome from Dan, Should I stay or go? I just don’t fit in, Free land – fresh start – oh yeah! Humor – Southern Santa Claus

Friday, November 26
Welcome from Dan, Why turkeys get “benefits” — and the axe, What were you thinking? 48 Days Podcast, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Thanksgiving, Humor – Bringing the Family Together

Friday, November 19
Welcome from Dan, Thanksgiving – then and now, Holiday Job Searching, Cool, Unusual, and Seasonal Jobs, 48 Days Podcast, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Gratitude

Friday, November 12
Welcome from Dan, What on earth have you done? Want $100,000? Turtle on a Fencepost, 48 Days Podcast, 48 Days Highlights, Humor, Quotations

Friday, November 5
Welcome from Dan, Is Work a Curse from God? How old are you? 48 Days Podcast, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Don’t Just Be Busy, Humor – Let’s Show a Little Respect

Friday, October 29
Welcome from Dan, I Can Predict Your Future, Everyone “Sells,” 48 Days Podcast, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Watch Your Words

Friday, October 22
Welcome from Dan, I’m living in a fantasy world, Blissfully Ignorant?, Employee vs “Free Agent”, 48 Days Podcast, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Be a kid again

Friday, October 15
Welcome from Dan, Wilt Thou be made Whole? Your “Acres of Diamonds” – Free Book, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Moving Forward

Friday, October 8
Welcome from Dan, Working hard – or workaholism? Running from the law, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Discover Your Soul

Friday, October 1
Welcome from Dan, It’s a wonderful life – so far, Ding Dong – Opportunity Calling!, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Your Life Story

Friday, September 24
Welcome from Dan, Just Leave me Alone, How Much Does it Take to Make You Happy – $75K?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Protect Your Solitude

Friday, September 17
Welcome from Dan, My life is a mess, Too old for success??? I’ll Just Swallow Hard, Quotations – Getting Older

Friday, September 10
Welcome from Dan, Just a “simple” man, Overwhelmed and tired, Quotations – Are you ready?

Friday, September 3
Welcome from Dan, Jelly on your hands, Wasting your time – or close to success? Quotations – Get on the dance floor

Friday, August 27
Welcome from Dan, “I used to be decisive, now I’m not so sure,” Please don’t make any extra money, Quotes – Want security?

Friday, August 20
Welcome from Dan, “Low wages, long hours…,” Have a little talk with Jesus, Quotes – Want security?

Tuesday, August 10
Welcome from Dan, Hourly pay will keep you poor, My life is a puzzle box, We have debt – so I need a regular job???? 48 Days highlights, Humor — More than good intentions

Tuesday, August 3
Welcome from Dan, 2011 No More Mondays Valentine’s Cruise, Want to be “intelligent” and average or “creative” and successful?, 48 Days Online Radio — Only 11 more years of misery?, 48 Days Highlights, Humor — That’s not your “basic” cow

Tuesday, July 27
Welcome from Dan, Ask the Horse, Homeless yes – lazy no, 48 Days Online Radio — Is it too late for me?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – 99% of all failures come from…

Tuesday, July 20
Welcome from Dan, Not-only-for-profit, Have another matzo ball – please, 48 Days Online Radio – Can I pray for profit?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Spiritual Snobbery?

Tuesday, July 13
Welcome from Dan, Honoring my wife and killing myself, Can you get paid for loving people?, 48 Days Online Radio – Can I play poker for a living?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Do you hear a different drummer?

Tuesday, July 5
Welcome from Dan, Confused and Stunned – Awesome!, Business is up and down – that’s good, 48 Days Online Radio – Is Dan a real person?, 48 Days Highlights, Humor – My training at work

Tuesday, June 29
Welcome from Dan, Poverty or Simplicity?, Reverse Telecommuting, 48 Days Online Radio — Groomer – I don’t like dogs, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Who is rich?

Tuesday, June 22
Welcome from Dan, Go ahead — Astonish me, No Cubicle – No Problem, 48 Days Online Radio — Freedom in the Jungle, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Share your greatness

Tuesday, June 15
Welcome from Dan, Pray with your legs, What can you do for us – that no one else can?, 48 Days Online Radio — $150,000 for this miserable job?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – You can’t escape being paid

Tuesday, June 8
Welcome from Dan, Just gimme some cash dude!, You’re already self-employed, 48 Days Online Radio — Pray with your legs, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – A real money-making scheme

Tuesday, June 1
Welcome from Dan, If you kill your Golden Goose, this will…, More jobs coming — how do I find them?, 48 Days Online Radio — Already Burned that Bridge, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Giving to our children

Tuesday, May 25
Welcome from Dan, You’re “Overqualified” — Oh Really?, I’ve got a dirty mind, 48 Days Online Radio — Losing my mind but the pay is great, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Making a living

Tuesday, May 18
Welcome from Dan, The Eagle is — Aristotle, I think I need a wife!, 48 Days Online Radio — How do I find work I love at 57?, 48 Days Highlights, Humor — The Elevator

Tuesday, May 11
Welcome from Dan, Did you catch that fish?, Burning Bridges, 48 Days Online Radio — Is Brown-noseing bad?, 48 Days Highlights, Humor — Dream On

Tuesday, May 4
Welcome from Dan, What would you name this Eagle?, Trash or Treasure, 48 Days Online Radio — Isn’t this discrimination?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Forget the day’s troubles…

Tuesday, April 20
Welcome from Dan, Finding your pot of Gold, Do you have a “Millionaire Mind?”, 48 Days Online Radio — Why am I living here?, 48 Days Highlights, Humor — Useful Phrases at Work

Tuesday, April 13
Welcome from Dan, Sucked into the “blackness”, Write to the Bank, 48 Days Online Radio — “Fish on the other side”, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Misery is a Choice

Tuesday, April 6
Welcome from Dan, No Money – Just Think . . . , Indecision – Greatest Thief of Opportunity, 48 Days Online Radio — Is Making Money Bad?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – When you blame others…..

Tuesday, March 30
Welcome from Dan, Stop Working – Get More Done…, The Five Fatal Flaws in Interviewing, 48 Days Online Radio — Spiritual Calling = Financial Insecurity, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – The Secret of More Energy

Tuesday, March 23
Welcome from Dan, Secure but miserable…., Give me $80,000 salary and I’ll catch lunch, 48 Days Online Radio — The economy and my age – liabilities, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Safe but useless

Tuesday, March 16
Welcome from Dan, Making a living…..or, Chicken Poop and Life Direction, 48 Days Online Radio — I need $10,000 a month – quick, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Living Well

Tuesday, March 9
Welcome from Dan, Oh I’ll bet you were…., Have any bad ideas?, 48 Days Online Radio — Unclear with $147,000 in student loan debt, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Risk

Tuesday, March 2
Welcome from Dan, Is this a scam?, I want a raise, 48 Days Online Radio — Trapped with a useless degree, 48 Days Highlights, Humor – Yust a minute

Tuesday, February 23
Welcome from Dan, Are you too old for this…, Look Rick – die broke, 48 Days Online Radio — Is setting goals Godly?, 48 Days Highlights, Humor – The Perfect Worker

Tuesday, February 16
Welcome from Dan, Can you find the solution here, 48 Days Premium Library, 48 Days Online Radio — Lost Hope – In Myself, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Love

Tuesday, February 9
Welcome from Dan, What are you gonna be?, Ducks Quack, Eagles Soar, How will you live at 50 years old?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Work is love made visible

Tuesday, February 2
Welcome from Dan, Are you living beneath your dignity?, Why not, 48 Days Online Radio — No Job, No Car – Just Success, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – A body without a soul . . .

Tuesday, January 26
Welcome from Dan, No Money, No Problem, No one’s hiring? – Don’t believe it, 48 Days Online Radio — I don’t want a career – I want a husband, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Empty pockets won’t stop you.

Tuesday, January 19
Welcome from Dan, When Helping Hurts, What’s in your refrigerator? and other interview questions, 48 Days Online Radio — Am I too old for this?, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Do you have a song?

Tuesday, January 12
Welcome from Dan, A man with a toothache, Over 55 and looking for work – the Bad News, 48 Days Online Radio — I Need to Pay my Bills, 48 Days Highlights, Quotations – Don’t Leave your Heart at Home.

Tuesday, January 5
Welcome from Dan, But that’s not Godly, Gimme that job, 48 Days Online Radio — Winning, Quitting & Persistence – with Joanne as guest, 48 Days Highlights, Quotes – Your book of Opportunity has opened.