48 Days Podcast Feedback

After six years on WWTN radio in Nashville, Tennessee, we moved to the 48 Days Podcast in December of 2006. As we approach 15 years of never missing a week, we’d like your feedback. We have consistently rated in the top 10% of podcasts over these years, and that's a big win. When we started in 2006 there were approximately 30,000 podcasts - today there are over 2,000,000. We know you have a lot of choices for listening and we’re honored that you choose the 48 Days Podcast. We always want to be improving for you. So please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey. We’ll be randomly choosing 10 winners from those who complete the survey by November 1st to receive a $48 cash prize. PLUS, I have a special gift for you just for taking the time.
The 48 Days Podcast has traditionally been 48 minutes. Would you prefer:
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