Thanks in advance for submitting a question or business idea to me! Each week I sort through the all of your questions…and answer as many as possible (if they are relevant!) on the 48 Days Online Radio Show.

Doing the podcast is one of the highlights of my week. To be able to read through your real-life questions about work and life is an honor and responsibility I take seriously. I normally can’t fit every question into the 48-minute podcast but take those that likely present the same concern as other listeners are experiencing. Sharing challenges and offering advice allows all of us to stay on that journey called success. Thanks for being part of the 48Days community.

Here’s to work you truly love,


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  1. Dan,
    Love the show. I’ve come to realize that one of my biggest passions is podcasting. I love listening to them, discovering new shows I’m interested in and I especially love telling people about them. (I think my girlfriend is sick of hearing about them.) I’m even got the equipment to start my own soon. I don’t enjoy the job I am in now, but I can see how much this business would benniffit from having a podcast. It is a huge industry with hundreds of companies doing the same thing nation wide, but there are no podcasts on the subject. And if I just happen to work at a place that could benniffit so much from a podcast there must be many more that could also benniffit.
    So I’m considering starting a podcasting business. I would have all of the equipment and travel to clients businesses to record their podcast. I would take care of recording, production, promotion and distribution of the podcasts. I think it would be easy to sell companies on the benniffits. As someone who has a podcast for your company, if you didn’t have the technical know how of how to do it, would you pay someone every week to come do all the work for you. Thanks for your time


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