How I make money coaching

Coaching is one of the fastest growing areas of career opportunity today – and yet I see competent coaches making income comparable to that of a hamburger flipper.  We are told that 95% of coaches never make more than $40,000/yr.  So let’s assume that’s a reasonable average – BUT you’re smart enough to recognize some other ways to share your core message. Here’s a brief overview of some of the ways I was making money right from the start – with no books, courses or unique content of my own – and coming from a place of ministry and service.  … Read More

Can I have that with cherries on top?

Many of you have a “product” of some kind.  It may be a gadget, a painting, a box of brownies, or an ebook.  Whatever it is, start thinking up ways to “repurpose” your product – ways to change the delivery, tweak the original, or add value. I want you to be able to have multiple streams of income.  Having a variety of products for your prospects will immediately add to your streams.  We are constantly creating new products here at 48 Days, and the list of possibilities just keeps growing.  You should be able to do the same with any … Read More