Career Coaching Services with Dan Miller

Whether you’re searching for the work you love because of a change forced upon you or you’re looking to make your greatest contribution to the world (or both), Dan Miller’s career and executive coaching services are the result of over 20 years of professional consulting and coaching with successful individuals.

Their success and challenges have helped to identify a conceptual, yet structured, process that will enhance your personal sense of balance, focus, confidence and enthusiasm, regardless of any momentary circumstances. This is not just about “finding a job.”

Power Session

I started offering this coaching service after getting so many requests from people asking if they could pay me $500 for 30 minutes to pick my brain. I decided to do better than that and make it our trademark 48 minutes. It’s a great way to bounce ideas, get started with a plan and more. To get started with this coaching option, click the “Get Started” button and tell me a little about yourself.

Bumblebee Coaching

(for Idea Development)

In this intense overview we will look at ways to leverage your intellectual capital – whatever that may be.  We can evaluate the use of franchising, patents, trademarks, publishing, e-products, marketing strategies, establishing affiliate relationships and other methods of initiating or growing your business concept.  Whether your business is a traditional bricks and mortar one or one that operates in cyberspace, we can examine new ways of moving you forward in your journey of success.


The Intentional Life

(Finding your purpose and calling)

The Career Enhancement process is a full-on, comprehensive 30-45 day process of one-on-one Life Planning. This process involves identifying success in 7 different areas of your life.  Only after clarifying what “success” means to you can we then determine what work model and application is best. The process includes a background profile, developing a life plan and setting a personal mission statement and career applications. Learn More


Voila Coaching Experience

(leveraging intellectual content — for authors, speakers, coaches)

This premiere coaching experience is for authors, speakers, coaches and consultants as well as for entrepreneurial businesses with products or services in place but a need to scale in the marketplace. Dan will help you develop your own model where you can leverage your message for significant income in creative ways. If your message has enough value to create far more income than what you’re currently receiving, then the Voila Coaching Experience is for you. Learn More


*Fill out a coaching interest form, and we’ll send you an instant link to download Dan’s audio, “How To Increase Your Self Confidence.”

What does entrepreneurial or career coaching with Dan look like?

Dan’s Voila Coaching Experience often includes on-site time with Dan. The other two coaching packages are generally conducted via Zoom Video Conference Call with various exercises to help you think through the process of discovery. You will receive both audio and video recordings of your sessions along with your follow-up email.

Not sure what type of coaching you need? Tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll help guide you.

Fill out a coaching interest form, and we’ll send you an instant link to download Dan’s audio, “How To Increase Your Self Confidence.”