You Keep Your F — I’m Keeping My Dream!

Here’s an excerpt from No More Dreaded Mondays

When Monty Roberts was in high school, his teacher asked the class to write about what they wanted to do when they grew up. Monty wrote that he wanted to own a ranch and raise thoroughbred racehorses. His teacher gave him an F and explained that the dream was unrealistic for a boy living in a camper in the back of a pickup truck. He would never be able to make this a reality. When the teacher offered the chance to rewrite his paper for a higher grade, Monty told him, “You keep your F; I’m keeping my dream.”

Today, Monty’s 154-acre ranch in Solvang, California, is home to world-class thoroughbred racehorses, and his gentle Join-Up method of training horses (and kids) is the inspiration of companies around the world. Join-Up is a method of training horses without the use of pain or force. Monty studied the nonverbal communication between horses and gives a horse the option of accepting the leadership of a human, thus “joining up” rather than being forced into submission.  He and his wife, Pat, have raised their own three children as well as forty-seven foster children, who return regularly to spend time on the ranch. This real-life horse whisperer inspired the book of that title and the Robert Redford movie that propelled Monty to fame and fortune beyond his wildest boyhood dreams.

So, who’s been trying to talk you out of your dream? Who’s been telling you you’re crazy and it can’t be done? What level of success is that person experiencing? Did you ever notice that most naysayers and dream kickers are unhappy and unfulfilled themselves? Don’t let them bring you down to their level. Find people who are already performing at the level at which you’d like to be. You’ll find they will encourage and inspire you even more.

What dream are you bringing to life this year?  And how are you getting past the naysayers?

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