Yes you are an artist

Here’s a shot of my newest “art” project.  A 1939 Plymouth pickup parked in a highly visible corner of our property.  Joanne says this is my canvas.  I wanted a pickup truck so I could have plants scrolling out of the bed.  And I wanted something with cowl Old Truckheadlights and rusted patina to show it’s character and meaningful life. Funny how when you get really clear on a goal, it sets things in motion to come into view.  I had a blast looking for about two months until I found this one in Gurley, AL. 

So what’s your canvas today?  We are all artists – just using different methods for sharing who we are.  Your canvas may be:

  • how you cook
  • how you decorate your house
  • the kind of car you drive
  • the music you create
  • the paintings you do
  • how you dress
  • your own back yard
  • the books you write

I love being able to create, to see things others don’t see, and to integrate the past, present and future. I’ll slowly plant and landscape to make this old truck a stopping point for reflection, awe and inspiration. I’ll likely use some old hollyhocks, lilacs, and peonies in the background then come forward with some knock-out roses, phlox and day lilies in the foreground.  I want to keep a trail so kids can walk back and touch the old truck.  I may use some solar panels to have the headlights softly lit up at night. 

AthenaHere’s one of my previous projects that I love sharing with people.  The bronze eagle is the perfect expression of my message with 48 Days – Dream, Plan & Act.  I decided to mount it on a big boulder from right here on our place rather than the polished granite foundation originally planned by the sculptor.  I thought it was a more authentic launching point for an eagle and kept it low enough kids can sit with it and rub it’s golden beak.

What opportunities do have to create your art?  What story is your art telling about you? 

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