Would you buy this t-shirt?

Dan — My daughter and I are going to make a small run of t-shirts that she designed so she can make money to go to camp.  I found a great supplier who is very patient and willing to guide us. They can do a run of 50, white shirt, nice quality, various sizes for $7.75 a piece. If Vanessa wants to make $5 per shirt, would you be willing to pay $13? Or is that too much? What would be a good price?  Mom


Mom — Most t-shirts are going to sell for about $10, but if they have a really catchy saying or picture they can go for $15.95 or even up to $17.95.  Check out my favorite sarcasm shirts here:  DespairWear

I would suggest that you test your design idea before you have 50 printed.  Even at $7.75 each that’s almost $400.  Unfortunately, I know a whole lot of people who have a lifetime supply of rags because they printed t-shirts they thought would sell.

Here are a couple of places where you can design a shirt and not have to order any – you just get a portion of the revenue — if they sell.  They are not printed until an order is made:




So Vanessa can submit her design and not pay anything.  She can even decide how much she wants her profit margin to be.  Then if people buy them she’ll get the profit.  And if they don’t sell, you haven’t wasted $400.

She could still put them on ebay and promote any place she wants.  Then if sales of her design take off you can then look at mass producing and selling them in other ways.

I’m delighted to hear you have a budding entrepreneur in the house.

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