Testimonials from Class attendees:

Steve, I want to thank you and Jeff for introducing me to the ideas presented in the class. It is amazing how much can change so quickly. You have helped open my eyes to dream big and produce the results I desire. It felt like a huge burden was lifted off of me and I am beginning to set and meet my goals. You know me I am pretty skeptical … Read more about new things but I can honestly say this has made a tremendous impact in life. I am excited again and have become way more productive. By the way if I knew what this class would do for me when I started I would have gladly paid double. If you have been feeling like you are stuck and are getting nowhere fast you need to go see Steve and Jeff.

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.
~Jason Holter

I took Pierce Marrs’ class “48 Days to the Work You Love” and discovered I was working for everyone else and not myself. I am now married and have a beautiful step-daughter and with my husbands support and Pierce’s helpful guidance, I went to get a career I’d enjoy. I have a love for restaurants and serving people. Pierce told me to go for it! Through many emails and phone conversations Pierce made me feel like I made the right choice in following my dream to go back into restaurants. I have been in my new career for 6 weeks and they have promoted me to the restaurants corporate trainer. I am happy with my new career! I get excited about going to work.

Pierce and the class gave me the confidence to go after my dream. I am glad I did!

I tried 48 Days upon the recommendation of Dave Ramsey. It was the best thing I ever did. Unlike many, I was a successful CEO, but hated it. As a result of this program I set a goal for myself. Within one year I wanted to move to a different state to be closer to our daughter, and wanted to go back into the world of finance and accounting – the work I truly love.

I would never have recognized how miserable I was or what my true calling is without this program. Believe it or not, it only took about 6 months to fuflill the goals. We live in the same town with our daughter, and I have a terrific job as a CFO instead of a CEO. I took a 15% pay cut and haven’t been this happy in years! This is truly the work I love.

In the old job I was on 2 different medications and a restricted diet due to digestion problems. It was all stress related. Within a month of taking the new job I was happy, off the meds, and eating all the spicy food that had been off limits for the previous 2 years!

A lot of people wonder if this is just a way for Dan to make money. I hope he DOES make money. This program changed my life and I am so thankful for his work in this area!

~Bob H

The 48 Days Classes have helped me. . . “to get more confidence in myself, find my inner self and talents, discover my life direction and share with others and depend on faith in God. I am thankful for Chuck Bowen and the inspiration and knowledge he has shared with me to discover who I am and my purpose in this life. ” ~Maurine

“48 Days” has re-awakened dreams for me. Now I better understand my personality style and know that I can shape my on opportunities based on what’s important to me” ~Stephanie

“I’ve gone through this course twice. Each time it means more. I’ve learned again, to seek my passion, to trust God to ‘Step Out’ in faith, to experience the genuine care and concern of Chuck Bowen, to interact with others who are in the same place that I am. In short, I’m encouraged and have had my faith renewed. Jesus is present in this class and what a blessing that is! ”  ~Dave

“I have had several business ideas and a desire to have my own business. But I wasn’t equipped to make it happen. This class has helped me with the drive and motivation I need and the tools to make my dreams come true. ” ~Alicia

“While I am confident that I am full of great ideas, the course “48 Days to the Work You Love” inspired me to take action. It made m realize how special God made me and made me understand that I am obligated to share his gifts. ” ~Marco

“The ’48 Days to the Work You Love workshop’ is life-changing! It gave me a new way to look for a job to fit my life, not my life to fit my job! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be in a job I love! ” ~Amanda

“This class has inspired me to step out of the box and look for new opportunities. For a long time I have felt frustrated at what I was doing. The class has given me a new outlook and the tools to start searching for a more fulfilling job. ” ~Steve

“This has been an awesome series. God has shown me my strengths and weaknesses as a person which led into potential career pursuits. In these ’48 Days’ I have found a new business I’m excited about. Also, I have had the opportunity of encouraging others and making new friends. Even if you have a job, go to this series of classes. They are wonderful! ” ~Jessica

“48 Days to the Work You Love” has been a tremendously inspirational workshop for me.As the owner of a small business, I am faced with many challenges. This faith-based workshop has helped me to focus my dreams and desires to succeed, and maintain a spiritual emphasis on what I am doing. It has also given me the confidence in myself to know that I can succeed. I believe anyone hoping to grow as a person would find this course to be very beneficial. God truly helps those who help themselves, and this workshop completely emphasizes that. ” ~Mike

“48 Days” has provided incredible insight into what I’m passionate about doing. It has allowed me to examine who I am and plan my next step. It has been very liberating to set goals and allow myself to dream. I recommend this class to everyone. Even if you like what you do, this course will help you do it better and find greater fulfillment in all areas of your life. ” ~Don

“Everyone should get the opportunity to look at their life in a different light. I’m 26 and have always focused on the money of a job and not the happiness it brings. Knowing how young I am, it saddens me to think many adults have spent over half their lives working at a job they hate, when truly all it takes is a new perspective to get going in the right direction. The world would be a better place if we all loved our jobs. This class helps you realize this is very much within reach; all you have to do is start believing it. ” ~Scott

“This seminar has provoked me to discover what God has designed me to do well at and have the confidence to pursue it. During these six weeks I discovered my passion in life and am looking at how to incorporate it in my work. Another benefit was opening communication between my wife and I on not only work but also our future work plans and how our family fit into it. We talked about the possible directions the Lord may be leading us concerning business and family goals. ” ~Ray

“My investment in this class has been well worth every penny! ” ~Ann