Why 48 Days?

I am frequently asked, “Why does all your material talk about 48 Days?”  And of course I explain that we did a complex mathematical calculation, with scientific evidence based on the rotation of the earth for the ability of humans to redirect their behavior.   No, it’s not quite that profound.  But in working with people over the years, I found that many had some vague goals.  And yet I would meet them again 3 years later and they were doing exactly the same things.  Nothing had changed.  I became convinced that we had to have a specific time frame to force the change.  We are told that it takes 21 days to create a new habit – good or bad.  30, 60, or 90 days are too generic; I wanted a more distinctive and memorable time period.  The show “48 Hours” was growing in popularity, so I decided to make it “48 Days.”  It just sounded good and I do believe in having a specific time period.  And we found that people responded very positively.  There was the excited expectation:  “You mean I really can change my life in 48 Days?”  And my response was then as it is now, “Yes, you can – IF you have a plan!”  Today we have thousands of testimonials from people who have taken action to produce dramatically new results in 48 Days.

“Only 45 days after getting the material, I received a job offer from a television station in Knoxville……….it’s the work I love, where I want to live.  By applying the disciplines found in 48 Days, their initial ‘budget’ salary grew another 58% to the ‘judge-it’ stage.  Thank you for your invaluable service.”  Tim P.

48 Days is adequate time to get a clear understanding of yourself:  Your Skills & Abilities, Your Personality Traits, and Your Values, Dreams & Passions.  From those you can create a clear focus and a plan of action that translates into a new job search or starting your own business.

Whether it’s finding a new job, choosing a new car, deciding what college to attend, where to go to church, what business to start orwhere to go on vacation, 48 Days is enough time in which to:

  • Assess your current situation
  • Get the advice and opinion of people you respect
  • List 4-5 alternatives
  • Do a little more research and choose the best option
  • ACT

48 Days To the Work You Love

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