Who You Going to Vote For?

[note color=”#FDD017″]This is a guest post by Darren Hardy, author of ”The Compound Effect—Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success.”  Darren is an accomplished entrepreneur, publisher and editorial director of SUCCESS magazine. He’s a peak performance expert and popular keynote speaker.  I regularly tell attendees at our live events that if you have to choose one resource for your success, I would tell you to get SUCCESS magazine.  I asked Darren if I could run this entire post – I loved the premise.  Would you be re-elected Dad, husband, employee or business owner if you were judged by the merits of what you’ve done in the last 3.5 years?  If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note]


Who You Going to Vote For?

I’m not talking about for president of the United States.

I’m talking about president of your goals, dreams and potential.

If you had to run for re-election…
What has been your performance track record over the last three and a half years?

You made some promises back then—to your family, your employees, yourself and your God.

Did you deliver?

What would the pundits say about your performance?

What would the critics point out as your shortcomings?

In a debate, what examples would someone use against you when you were hypocritical to what you say you stand for, when you flip-flopped on your values, when your policies and plans failed and you didn’t follow through on your campaign promises?

During this political season, the radio waves, cable lines, blogosphere and every cocktail and dinner party is abuzz with criticism of one guy’s track record over another. That’s all fine and well, but maybe you should look as critically at our own track record.

If we spent as much time, energy and TV, radio, blog and conversation time assessing our own track record and what we need to do differently to improve our own economy, healthcare, etc., as we do talking about other people’s track record and what they should be doing differently to fix the economy, healthcare, etc., we would be contributing to the solution instead of continuing to whine and complain about the problems (that they can’t fix anyway—only you can!).

So, if you take an honest review of your track record performing on your goals and dreams, would you have a hard time making the case to be re-elected? Is it time to cast a new vision for your future and refresh your campaign stance going forward? What are you going to do differently, starting today?

Love to hear your reflections in the comments below.

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