Where there is no vision….

1. I’d like to be more independent but don’t want to fail since I have a family and am the sole provider.

2. Do you think creativity can be cultured by deliberate practice or is this just how God made me?

3. I am thinking about buying an established consignment shop. Is this a good idea?

4. Am I wrong to try to steer this boat away from the monotony of the swamp?

5. I am 60 years old, ready for a change in careers but I am afraid that there will be no job for me.

6. If you feel you may be fired, is it better to be fired and collect unemployment or to quit your job before being fired?

Other notes:
Questions on “failure” continue to stream in.

Not living a life that releases your best gifts and talents could be the biggest failure of all.

To come back from failure, job loss, business disaster, etc – must have:

– Supportive Relationships
– Uncompromising Integrity
– Clear Purpose
– Vibrant Health
– Optimistic Faith

Use this rule of thumb for organizing your work strategy:

– Work where you are the strongest 80 percent of the time.
– Work where you are learning 15 percent of the time.
– Work where you are weak 5 percent of the time.

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