Where is your brilliance?

1. I was laid off after almost 25 years of service, last October. I received six months of severance and outplacement services. I am excited and scared at the same time, as I will be trying to make up a six figure salary and benefits.

2. I consider myself one of the lucky few in that I absolutely love my job. I work as a teacher’s assistant in a special needs classroom. My problem is that it doesn’t pay very well. I am a writer, and am desperately seeking ways to write from home and supplement what I get from the school.

3. Is there a good way to make money being an amateur photographer?

4. I want to start an Internet service business. Do you think it would be viable to create a smaller but more focused eLance-like website exclusively for art, and take a small fee for each commission sale generated?

5. I am currently a bather at Petsmart which leads to becoming a groomer. The schooling is paid for as long as you stay with the company for at least 2 years. Otherwise, you refund them $4000. My question is, I’ve been working over a week in this job now and I do not feel a spark or a sense of excitement. I don’t even like dogs licking me!

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