When is it time to leave?

Here’s an email question from a reader on – when to leave a job.

Dan, I know that you and Dave Ramsey are close, and I listen to you both and notice a lot of consistencies. One thing Dave mentioned the other day was that people need to occasionally look at their possessions, like a boat, and decide if they would buy it all over again.  If the answer is ever “no”, then they should sell it.

I was listening to one of your podcasts from the spring and a man was asking how to know when to move on from a job.  Is it fair to say the same about a job? Should you ask yourself if, knowing what you know about the job while you are in it, would you accept the position again?  Thanks, Millie

Here’s my response:

Millie, Yes, that’s a great way to frame it.  It’s healthy at any point to ask yourself that question.  Knowing I Quitwhat I know now, would I choose this job, this house, this car, or this wardrobe?  And recognize that you change over time.  You are not the person you were 5 or 10 years ago.  So yes, ask yourself if you were in the job search now — would you want the job you currently have.  If not, it may be an appropriate time to do a job search.

That doesn’t mean you made a mistake in the first place – it just acknowledges that you are not stagnant – you are becoming a more experienced, more intelligent and more competent person.  So knowing what you know now, what changes are you going to make – starting today – to take advantages of the stronger position you’re in?  And to move to a higher level of success?

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