What’s holding me back?

Joanne and I just returned from Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy in Santa Clara, California.  Attending seminars and workshops have been an integral part of my journey – breaking old thought patterns and opening my eyes to new potential.  experts academy fix-up2

This was certainly no exception.  For four days we listened, interacted with others from around the world and processed new and exciting ideas.

Brendon had a horrendous car accident a few years ago that caused him to take a fresh look at his life.  Now, at the end of every day, he asks himself three questions:

  1. Did I live?
  2. Did I love?
  3. Did I matter?

One of the other things Brendon said was this:

The only things that stop you are distractions or lack of desire.

I keep coming back to think about that.  Am I willing to admit that?  Or am I blaming the economy, the politicians, the people around me, the wrong degree, or changing technology?

I have bigger goals for 2014 than I’ve ever had in my life.  I want to hit some benchmarks that have seemingly been just out of reach.  Can I identify the “distractions” or “lack of desire” that could keep me from reaching those?  What about you?  Can you spot the things that could potentially keep you from reaching your goals for 2014?  Can you remove the distractions and focus your desire to see them come into view?

Let’s assume you are not going to be derailed by lack of desire.  What are some distractions that could slow you down?  I’m already on the lookout – preparing to not allow the distractions to act as an excuse for not hitting what I have in view.

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