What am I doing wrong?

“Dan, I’m 42 years old and in a place of extreme aggravation and frustration. I’ve been trying to get into the healthcare field for years, I received a graduate certificate in managed care in 2006, and I’m currently working on another certificate in health information management. Even with the certification, no doors are opening. I’ve applied for receptionist, administrative assistant, and customer service positions to get my foot in the door, and nothing. I’ve had my resume done over and over because the bulk of my experience is in telecommunications. What am I doing wrong?”


You say that you’ve applied for positions as receptionist, administrative assistant, and customer service positions to get your foot in the door, and nothing.  Health care is one of the hottest and fastest growing career areas in the country.  Let’s just cut to the chase.  The only common element in all those attempts is YOU.  More degrees and certification are not going to change your success.  You need to find out why people don’t want you on their team.  Most hiring decisions are made in the first 3-5 minutes of an interview and those decisions often have little to do with all the fine degrees and certifications on your resume.

I would suggest you pick a copy of the old classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, written by Dale Carnegie in 1935.  The principles are simple to learn and can transform your success.  While this may not be what you wanted to hear, it’s actually great news.  Because you can address the things that are holding you back overnight, instead of the lengthy process of acquiring yet another degree.  Smiling, showing enthusiasm, listening well, making the other person feel important, having a firm handshake and making direct eye contact are skills that may not get you a degree, but they’ll get you a job anywhere in town.


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