Want to enlarge your coaching business?

We are hearing from more and more of you who are already “coaching” but would like to bring it to the forefront of what you’re doing – and how you’re making money.

About six months ago we quietly introduced a new program called Coaching Mastery.  Already 22 people have enrolled and are now getting ready to come to the Sanctuary for our first 2-day Coaching Mastermind Event.  We’ll be covering both the psycho-dynamics and business of coaching.  The second day will be devoted to leveraging your area of coaching expertise into income of $150,000 and more – not just as an optimistic goal but with a step-by-step process.  If you’re interested in joining this group of 5%ers who are being recognized around the country, check out the details.  And read the following article to get excited about the special benefits we enjoy as coaches.


These are the two sides of “Coaching.”   And like many situations we are not looking for an “either/or” solution but rather an “and” solution.   We want excellence in BOTH

7 Benefits of Being a Professional Coach

Benefit #1 – You double the rate of personal development.  I’ve always heard that the best way to learn something is to teach it.  I’ve learned valuable principles about maximum success as I’ve coached people to their own highest levels of success.  Don’t think you have to be the expert in everything to coach – trust me, you’ll learn 80 percent of what you need to know from your clients.

Benefit #2 – You can make an extraordinary living.  Coaches typically make between $40 and $200 an hour.  Once you understand the concepts of re-purposing your content, you can see how $100,000 a year is not unreasonable.  You can put yourself in the category of any other highly paid professional and see your network of contacts open new opportunities.

Benefit #3 – You build lasting, empowering relationships.  Having come from a traditional counseling background, this is one of the benefits I enjoy most.  In traditional counseling, you have to maintain a professional distance from your clients and would seldom entertain the idea of actually being friends.  With coaching, that is not the case.

Benefit #4 – You become a master of life.  I don’t know of any other profession or career that sets the stage so well for developing excellence in your own life.  As I’ve walked through helping clients attain success in physical, spiritual, personal development, career and financial areas, it has prompted me to look for more success in those areas myself.

Benefit #5 – You are well-positioned for the next opportunity.  I never get tired of hearing about new ideas – and it gives me a driver’s seat position for getting involved if I choose to do so.  The coaching you will do will set you up to be on the cutting edge of things developing in that industry.

Benefit #6 – You get to give your gift.  As a coach, we get to just be ourselves all the time.  My interactions with client, our neighbors, friends of our kids, church acquaintances, business associates and casual encounters in restaurants and airplanes, all have the continuing theme of helping people find and fulfill their highest calling and purpose.

Benefit #7 – You will be appreciated.  When you truly do “coach” someone to a higher level of success in their life, they will love you for it.  I don’t know of any more gratifying work than to be involved with people as they are moving from mediocrity to excellence.


Our Coaching Mastery Program is a six-month process to put you in the envied ranks of coaches who are changing the world – and living the life deserved with that.

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