The “Educated Unemployed”

I’ll bet you can name 10 people with fancy college degrees who are struggling to find work right now.  Or they just took the difficulty as a reason to go back and get another degree – confident that with another piece of paper someone will “give” them a job.

Do you know that our universities are graduating exactly 10 times more psychology majors each year than there are jobs for psychology majors?  But are college guidance counselors telling these bright-eyed kids, “There will be a job for only 1 in every 10 of you.  The rest of you will have to figure out some other way to repay your student loans and make a living.”  Of course not.  We encourage even more to get that degree in psychology, political science, graphic design, or for the chronically indecisive – “university studies”.

Okay, schools are trying to adjust.  You can now get a degree in

Do we really need 4-yr degrees to be an expert in these areas?

Of course if you are unsure about a clear focus you can take classes (yes, these are all real class offerings) in The Art of Walking, Maple Syrup, Tightwaddery, The American Vacation, Finding Dates Worth Keeping, The Amazing World of Bubbles, or Alien Sex.

Is it any wonder we have growing numbers of “Educated Unemployed” in our ranks?

Oh yes, I have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Clinical Psychology.  Very enjoyable studies and I learned a lot about myself.  And then I figured out how to make a living.

What in your training or experience makes you “employable?”  What value do you bring to the table – whether or not you have a degree?

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