I Quit!

Being April 1st, getting spring fever, seeing friends who have gone on to better things – these can all give you the urge to just turn in your resignation letter and just say “I Quit!”  Well, here’s help.  This site makes it very easy to play out that fantasy.  You can identify all the unique characteristics of your job, pinpoint your feelings about your boss, list your next career (aroma therapist) and in general, vent your job frustration.  Then hit “Write it” and you will see your instant customized Resignation Letter. Just make sure your current boss isn’t looking over your … Read More

Congratulations – you’re fired

“The company where I’ve worked for 30 years will be closing in March 2017. If I stay until the end I will receive a 6-month severance. How can I effectively use the next six months to position myself for a new career, and collect the severance – or is this the right approach? Thanks!”  Jeff Congratulations on getting a 6-month advance notice and then a 6-month severance.  For a company that’s closing, you are being given a very generous exit plan.  Yes, I absolutely recommend you stay where you are and collect the severance.  Think about it – for the next six months … Read More

I must need a shrink

Here’s a podcast listener question Hey Dan, I’m having trouble keeping jobs. I need help. Do you have any psychologists that you would recommend? My insurance runs out at the end of this month so I need to act fast. I was self employed for years but had to start working for companies to get a steady paycheck and insurance for my family.  I really need help understanding what I’m doing wrong in the workplace to keep getting laid off or fired.  Thanks, Evan There are a couple of possibilities: You need to ask your previous employers what was it that made … Read More

You’re Fired No Hired

There is a funny Burger King commercial in which the boss announces that he bought lunch for everyone. But then he adds that this is the last time they will all be eating together, as downsizing is forcing him to let someone go. He turns to the young assistant, who is standing next to him and nodding, and asks him to pick a number. The oblivious young worker says, “4” and the boss immediately says, “You’re fired.” That’s not a totally unrealistic scenario. At least theoretically, an employer could tell each of his or her employees to pick a card … Read More

You’re Fired

One day in 1990, A.K. Verma went on what you might call “extended” leave from his job as a senior electrical engineer at India’s Central Public Works Department. He hasn’t shown up for work since. And it finally caught up to him: Verma was sacked for his absence — on Jan. 8, after 25 years as a no-show.  He did ask for a leave but then just never came back.  I can’t imagine a company having its hands tied in not being able to fire a dude like this.  The only business model that works is if a person can choose … Read More