Need a bigger financial shovel? Here’s how

financial shovel

A listener asked: Dan, I recall a 48 Days Radio Show episode during which you spoke of real estate as an example of a large financial shovel.  Would you please share other examples of a large shovel you can think of?  Paul Sure – I love even thinking about this.  Many people get a paycheck each week – it’s predictable and not going to change quickly.  But if you’re looking for ways to get a big shovel, here are some possibilities: 7 Ideas For a Big Financial Shovel 1. Create a real estate transaction.  You’ve seen the TV shows, just … Read More

Let’s write a swimming pool!

Paul McCartney once said to John Lennon before writing a new song: “Let’s write a swimming pool!”   What he meant is that as talented song artists they could decide in advance to easily generate enough money to build a swimming pool, buy a car, take a dream vacation, or pretty much anything else they wanted. Does your talent translate into tangible things you’d like to have or give, or is there little connection between working, getting a paycheck and simply making a living? Do you see that new car, a family cruise or a swimming pool when you begin … Read More

Thank you for sending me your book…..

I re-organized my books in my office in the Sanctuary recently – that’s my barn there in the picture – we call it our Sanctuary.  As I was going through nearly 1000 books, I reserved an entire bookcase for those traditionally and self-published books you readers have sent me.  I love seeing the personal passions put between two covers.  But more than the value of the stories themselves is the value of having moved through all the steps to complete a book.  That goal-setting, perseverance, and self-discipline puts in place a system you can use to more easily attain success … Read More

Are you a successful author?

Do you have any desire to be an author…to make a living writing about things you know, enjoy or care about? You may like the idea of getting paid for sitting at your home writing and working on your own time schedule, or you may have something that you feel the world needs to hear! You are not alone; many people desire to write. But amazingly, while 81% of Americans say they’d like to write a book, only a few ever take a step towards making it happen. It’s not rocket science – it’s just a process. Before You Begin I encourage you … Read More

Coaching, Speaking, Writing, or Diagnosing can leave you poor

I have been privileged to work with a variety of “experts” over the last few years – helping them leverage their knowledge into real businesses.  But here’s a common theme:  Authors want to write books, speakers want to speak and coaches want to coach.  However, if you select one and only one, you will likely be frustrated with the results.  I have met countless doctors, pastors, coaches and authors who are frustrated because while extremely knowledgeable in their expertise, they can’t put food on the table, take a vacation or set aside funds for old age. If you are a great author but know … Read More

Your work stinks….

“I am returning this otherwise good typing paper to you because someone has printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top.” ~English Professor (Name Unknown), Ohio University Not everyone will appreciate your most creative work.  Be careful about letting the opinion of one other person stop you from moving forward.  All great writers, dancers, poets, and artists were told by someone along the way that their work was of no value.  You have to be able to persist beyond the comments of the common person.  

Can’t Stop me Now

Is your industry getting killed with all the changes that are happening right now?  We know people in real estate, banking and construction are running out the door in search of new opportunities.  Here’s another one you may not hear as much about – publishing.  Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Harper Collins are laying staff off left and right.  Salaries are being frozen or eliminated.  Publisher’s Weekly predicts that 2009 will be “the worst year for publishing in decades.”  But what does that mean if you’re a wanna-be-author?  Are all your hopes dashed – or do you perhaps have better … Read More