I’m the fool on the hill …

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A listener thinks he may be the ultimate fool – bad resume, time gaps, industry changes, terminations, and family damage as a result. Yet in pointing the finger at himself, he has already moved toward the solution. If you know your thinking or actions have been “foolish” you have turned the corner to becoming wise. PLUS: a direct click-to list of work from home opportunities. Episode #655 March 15, 2019 Hi, this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show – where each week we take 48 minutes to dive into real life questions … Read More

Are you “wisdom” or “passion?”

I’m doing lots of radio interviews this week based on the content of Wisdom Meets Passion, the new book that I wrote with my 34-yr-old son Jared.  It’s not uncommon for a radio host not to have read the book prior to our interview.  And it’s been interesting to get a glimpse of the common perceptions of the book from those who are seeing it for the first time. For example, people are asking: Does your son Jared represent “passion” while you represent “wisdom?”  Or How much of Jared’s content did you have to remove because you didn’t agree with … Read More

Does God want us to be rich?

When my good friend Rabbi Daniel Lapin is asked – “Does God want us to be rich?”  He responds by saying “God wants us to be obsessively preoccupied with the needs of others.”  And you know what he observes happening when that occurs – money shows up in multiple ways.  In Thou Shall Prosper, Rabbi Lapin points out that money is a testament to your having served another human being.  “Having money is not shameful; it is a certificate of good performance granted to by your grateful fellow citizens.” Too many people shun the idea of making money as evil … Read More

Are you “wise” or just educated?

This is  a piece from the new Field Manual to accompany Wisdom Meets Passion that I wrote with my son Jared. When Jared was about 17 he was given the assignment of writing about a Biblical character.  After much discussion he selected Solomon as the subject of his research.  Of course, as his Dad, I remembered my own Bible teachings from when I was a little boy.  And I knew that we recognize Solomon as “the wisest man who ever lived.”  But as Jared and I studied for his paper I was flabbergasted in not being able to find that claim … Read More

Know what you want

“The people who complain the loudest about never having an opportunity in life are usually the ones who have no idea what they really want.  They aren’t happy where they are but can’t tell you where they want to be.” Dan Miller, from Wisdom meets Passion

“Live so that you may……..”

“Live so that you may desire to live the same life again.” Friedrich Nietzsche Good ole Friedrich was not known for his optimism about life, giving us his ideas that God is dead and man is nothing but a worm.   He was plagued by depression, mental illness and syphilis and died a lonely, disturbed man.  It’s hard to speculate why he wrote this quotation. But great thoughts come from a variety of places.  Using a quotable quotation does not imply a blanket endorsement of the person quoted.  I like to find great ideas regardless of the source.  In the Bible … Read More

Twitterdom or Wisdom?

While attending a funeral recently I glanced up and down just my row to see several people Twittering and checking emails in the last few minutes prior to the beginning of the service.  It’s now common during sermons and seminars to see people with their heads down, busy passing on tidbits of information instantly.  This morning I read that one million people are following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter.   I suggest that this massive addiction to information leads us away from wisdom, not toward it, creating what author Shane Hill calls “a permanent puberty of the mind.”  Recognize that information, … Read More

“Dreamers of the Day”

Your dreams may be the real beginnings of the future you want. In Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.E. Lawrence says, “There are dreamers, but not all human beings dream equally. Some are dreamers of the night, who in the dusty recesses of their mind dream and wake in the morning to find it was just vanity. But the Dreamers of the Day are dangerous people because they act their dreams into reality with open eyes.” Now there’s a clear picture. “Dreamers of the Day” are dangerous because they “act their dreams into reality with open eyes.” We are hearing a … Read More

Wanna be a wealthy idiot?

The name Nasrudin is used as the mythical character in a tradition of Sufi tales.  Here’s one: Nasrudin used to stand in the street on market days, to be pointed out as an idiot.  No matter how often people offered him a large or a small coin, he always chose the smaller piece. One day a kindly man said to him, “Mulla, you should take the bigger coin.  Then you will have money and people will no longer be able to make a laughingstock of you.” “That might be true,” said Nasrudin, “but if I always take the larger coin, … Read More