Do you really want that Free Lunch?

Years ago, in Monterey, California, a crisis arose.  Monterey had become a paradise for pelicans.  After cleaning their fish, the local fishermen would throw all the excess waste to the pelicans.  The birds soon became fat and lazy.  Baby pelicans grew up dependent on the handouts, not knowing how to catch their next meal. Eventually, a new market was found that could use the waste products commercially.  The pelicans no longer had a free meal.  Yet, the pelicans made no effort to fish for themselves.  Generations had been trained to just wait and wait they did for the free handouts … Read More

Don’t Chase That Snake!

When I was 10 years old, one of my best friends was Bob Queen.  One afternoon while exploring the back acreage of our neighboring farms, a snake bit Bob. Seeing the snake slither off, my immediate response was to run after the snake, track him down and repay the scoundrel for what he had done to my friend.  Bob, however, being a much wiser hunter and outdoorsman, quickly pulled out his knife, lanced the bite, sucked the blood out and spit out the poison.  The focus for him was on his own well being, not on repaying the snake. How … Read More

Jobs Plunge – Opportunities Soar!

USA Today reports today that employers cut jobs for a second month in February while the unemployment rate fell as more people quit looking for work in the weakening job market, the government said Friday in a report that led to further calls of a 2008 recession Yes, lots of ironies here.  Jobs lost yet hourly wages are up and unemployment is down.  There is no way the government has of tracking those people who have “quit looking for work.”  I talk to them every day and they are not all discouraged and sitting on the curb – many of … Read More