If it ain’t broke, break it….

IF IT AIN’T BROKE, BREAK IT! While this phrase may violate your English grammar, it embraces what we know about today’s work environment. Doing things like they were done 20 years ago is very dangerous. Just yesterday as I was listening to the March 2012 Success CD the speaker mentioned that we used to say if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always gotten.  But that’s no longer true.  If you continue doing what you’ve always done – or even what you were doing last year – you’re falling more and more behind … Read More

Read and grow rich – really

You know how I feel about reading good books.  They have been my window to a better world since those early days on the farm – they have introduced me to my most significant mentors and have shown me the steps to higher levels of success physically, spiritually, in relationships and in business.  My “education” that led to getting pieces of paper I can hang on the wall was expensive in both dollars and time.  The education I’ve gotten through books of my own choosing has been both rapid and inexpensive. You can bypass those with more degrees, intelligence and … Read More