Tabula Rasa

This is actually a Latin term meaning “clean slate.”  People who end up successful usually view change differently than the average person. It was a cold December night in West Orange, New Jersey. Thomas Edison’s factory was humming with activity. Work was proceeding on a variety of fronts as the great inventor was trying to turn more of his dreams into practical realities.  Edison’s plant, made of concrete and steel, was deemed “fireproof”. As you may have already guessed, it wasn’t! On that frigid night in 1914, the sky was lit up by a sensational blaze that had burst through … Read More

Hey I got on the wrong boat!

The phrases people use to describe where they are in life never cease to amaze and amuse me.  In the new 10th Anniversary Edition of 48 Days to the Work You Love I share just a few of the revealing statements about where people see themselves: 51-year-old businessman — “I feel like I’ve lived my whole life by accident.” Wife of professor — “I feel like we have been free-falling for the last 13 years.” Salesman — “I feel like I’m a ball in a pinball machine.” 56-year-old (PhD. in Theology currently driving a bus) — “I feel like I’ve … Read More

Is it better to try and fail or not try at all?

Recently I watched the 2007 movie Lions for Lambs.  In this movie a brilliant but apathetic student asks his professor (Robert Redford), “Is there any difference in trying but failing, and simply failing to try – if you end up in the same place anyway?”  He was attempting to justify taking the safe route; never really taking a stand or trying anything big.What do you think?  Do you cringe at trying something big because of the possibility of failure?  What if you tried for the promotion but failed to get it, started a business but lost your investment, or tried a MLM … Read More

Imagine this….

Over the weekend Joanne was flipping channels and happened on to the beginning of the 1998 movie, You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  In the movie Joe (Tom) opens one of his big bookstores right across the street from Kathleen’s (Meg) quaint little The Shop Around the Corner.  When it became clear Kathleen’s little bookstore could not survive the competition she decided to close the doors. In reminiscing with her elderly bookkeeper Birdie she lamented that she felt like a failure.  To which Birdie replied, “You’re not a failure.  You’re doing the bravest thing possible. You are … Read More

When is it time to leave?

Here’s an email question from a reader on – when to leave a job. Dan, I know that you and Dave Ramsey are close, and I listen to you both and notice a lot of consistencies. One thing Dave mentioned the other day was that people need to occasionally look at their possessions, like a boat, and decide if they would buy it all over again.  If the answer is ever “no”, then they should sell it. I was listening to one of your podcasts from the spring and a man was asking how to know when to move on … Read More

Just don’t lose your cow!

There’s an old Texas saying that goes:  “It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose your cow.”  In other words, what we see as “failure” may not really have diminished our ability to contribute, produce or earn an income. If you lost your job, is your cow gone?  If your business bombs, is your cow gone or have you just lost a valuable but replaceable carton of milk?  If you have an accident and can no longer hammer nails, is your cow really gone? Ten years after starting Apple, Steve Jobs was fired by … Read More