Does the world really need my contribution?

Mother Teresa, stand out

Does the world really need my contribution? If you have a talent for technology, art, music or brain surgery, does the world really care?  Is your contribution meaningful if twenty other people can do the same thing?  Let’s look at how to make yourself stand out in a world of sameness.   Should I move to a job that pays less and requires more hours but is a better fit? Does the world need my contribution? Should I give two weeks notice or just quit on payday? Am I being cold-hearted and unloving thinking that the homeless and/or poor should … Read More

Do the Opposite….

I have never been a fan of “normal.”  Even as a little kid I was drawn to things that were different.  I wanted a bicycle that stood out from the crowd – not more expensive or even better – just different.  I built my first car from the ground up so I could have something that would stand out.  I moved on to college options that were different, completing bachelors and masters degrees with no debt. Here’s a quotation that helped shape my choices: “If you want to be successful in life, simply watch what most people would do in … Read More