Are my skills appreciated by anyone?

Are my skills and specialized job training appreciated by anyone? Many of you have job training in specific areas.  That can give you an advantage or make you feel trapped.  The key is to draw a line in the sand and take a fresh look at what unique skills you have, what kind of environments you most enjoy, and what are your recurring dreams.  It may confirm what you’re doing now, or it may alert you that a change is needed.  There are too many options to feel trapped.   If I work overtime I’m neglecting my family, if don’t … Read More

Employee vs “Free Agent”

In today’s workplace most people are in fact “free agents.” They have no contract and they are free to negotiate with a new “team” if they choose. Yet many people just stay because they continue to get a paycheck – without even looking around to see if they could get a better offer. Who are free agent workers?

Resume “Objectives” and Other Ways to Waste Your Time

Here is a recent “Objective” on a resume submitted for my review: “To support the growth and profitability of an organization that provides challenge, encourages advancement, and rewards achievement with the opportunity to utilize my experience, skills, and proven abilities.” Sounds great – would you like to hire this person?  But what do you know about this person?  Is he/she a candidate for flipping hamburgers or for a CEO position?  Does he have skills in supervising, organizing, planning, selling, marketing, etc?  Is she proficient in any computer skills?  We don’t know.  This “Objective” tells us absolutely nothing about the person.  … Read More