Hard Work Isn’t Enough

This is a guest post by  Jim Woods is a writer, coach, and instigator in Nashville, TN. His passion lies in turning ideas into action and in keeping with that passion. You can connect with him at his blog here or @jimwoodswrites on Twitter. Hard Work Isn’t Enough If you work hard, success will follow, right? Wrong—hard work by itself is not enough. You need intentional focus and the best way to implement this is in the form of a goal. Whether you want to switch careers, become debt free or write your first book, goals are the mile markers … Read More

10 Immediate Steps you can take to overcome procrastination

[note color=”#FDD017″]This is a guest post by Bernard Haynes . He is the CEO of Lead to Impact, a company designed to encourage, equip and empower individuals to realize and live their God designed vision. You can read his blog and explore his website at leadtoimpact.com.  You can also follow him on Twitter. If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] “When there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it smaller.” Author Unknown Procrastination is the biggest hurdle that I had to overcome in pursuing my vision. I prayed about it, … Read More

What will you say about 2013 when it’s said and done?

[note color=”#FDD017″]Jeff Jones is a speaker, author, and host of The WISE™ Life podcast. Having played drums for Dove Award winning band Big Daddy Weave for over 13 years, Jeff recently left road life to be home with his family and share with others insights on living life with passion, making marriage matter, raising kids with character and fulfilling your dreams at www.JeffDrummer.com. You can connect with Jeff at @Jeffdrummer.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] I know, I know. We just started 2013. However, you know December will be here sooner than you … Read More

Should I wait till January to search for a job?

Here’s a question from a podcast listener: “Hi Dan, I’m finishing up a website and resume (I’m a graphic designer) and am hoping to begin the official job search soon. However, should I be concerned that the holidays are approaching? In 48 Days To The Work You Love you suggest that it’s better to NOT contact managers at busy times (Mondays, Fridays, etc…). Would the holiday season/end of the year qualify as an altogether tough time to request interview time? Thanks for your help, Chuck” Great question!  This is a time of year when a lot of job seekers think they might as well … Read More

Goal Check: What’s Still Possible for Your Marketing in 2012?

[note color=”#FDD017″]This is a guest post by MaryLu Stefan, owner of Write Chemistry. She teaches self-employed professionals how to strengthen their writing and marketing habits so they can “kindle client chemistry with integrity and good taste.” Sign up for her newsletter at www.WriteChemistry.com.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] Although I find it hard to say goodbye to summertime, I welcome autumn for its gift of urgency. I know that fall is my last chance to revisit New Year’s resolutions and make a final push on projects still undone. If you’re like most … Read More

Bet you can’t do this….

We’ve all heard about the mom in Florida who lifted a refrigerator off her child and the two neighbors in Canada who lifted a Pontiac Grand Prix off a twenty-seven-year-old mechanic. Stories of extraordinary strength or supernatural ability are common. But here’s an interesting twist. In 1977, in Tallahassee, Florida, Laura Shultz picked up the back end of a Buick to get it off her grandson’s arm. She was sixty-three at the time and could not recall ever lifting anything heavier than a fifty-pound bag of dog food.  Initially, she resisted talking about “the event.” Why do you suppose she … Read More