I’m a sack of meat slumped in a cheap office chair…

create work you love

If you don’t find a job, create something that gives you meaningful work. The name of my book is 48 Days To the Work You Love, not job you love because the work you love doesn’t necessarily have to be in a job. Episode #613 May 25, 2018 Hi, this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show – where each week we take 48 minutes to dive into real life questions about finding your passion, deciding what kind of life you want to live – and then finding or creating work that allows … Read More

I quit my job but now I’m desperate, depressed and frustrated!

desperate, take action, seth godin

Episode #588 December 01, 2017 Questions: What are your top recommendations for events in 2018 Should I self-publish the work through Amazon and the Kindle Self-Publishing outlet?   How do I copyright my written material?  How do I self promote when self-publishing?  I just quit a job that I hated.  Now I’m desperate, depressed and frustrated. Good News Cliff Feightner poem: So they don’t like the things that you’ve done Let them go and have their fun There’s a world out there Full of people who care And you’ll have your day in the sun. Quotation: “We don’t take action because … Read More

This cow does more than make milk

A couple of years ago I recommended looking at Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow.  I ordered it immediately when it was released and was one of the fortunate ones who received the book in an actual milk carton.  Seth is a radical marketing guy who makes the case that black, white, and brown cows don’t get our attention – but a Purple Cow; now that would make us look.  He uses this same thinking in helping you look at your business and career – how can you make it remarkable?  Here’s a followup book for readers titled 99 Cows.  Here’s … Read More

Don’t make little plans

In a recent post I mentioned that I would be promoting a new book today.  That book is Chris Guillebeau’s newest creation – The Happiness of Pursuit.   I quoted a passage that says:   “Nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.”  Security is not our friend.  It is more likely to bury our adventurous spirit and our passion for being fully alive.  In the latest EntreLeadership podcast Seth Godin told Dave Ramsey he encourages people to “do enough that something doesn’t work.”  That’s where we find new opportunities, new solutions and new … Read More

Do something that doesn’t work

I just finished reading a new book – not yet released.  I’ll share more on September 9th.  The book is full of stories about people setting out on adventures and big ideas.  Here’s a segment titled  What People Say About An Adventure Or Quest That Involves Perceived Risk: Successful Outcome:  brave, courageous, confident Failed Outcome:  stupid, risky, naive, arrogant Ultimately, our assessment of whether a venture we set out on is brave or stupid depends on the outcome.  So are you going to play it safe and never attempt your big dreams or are you going to “risk” and maybe … Read More

Don’t look for a map….make a new path

I love the rich and picturesque questions submitted by 48 Days Podcast listeners.  Here’s one: “Dan, I believe I am at a crossroads. I am a product designer and I have finally achieved a life long dream of designing a product that will soon be released. One would think I would be at the top of my career and would be happy but I am not. To achieve this it has affected my life, health, and my new marriage in a negative way. While this has been going on I have been reading business books for the past couple of years … Read More

10 Tips for Getting Maximum Value from a Conference

Last week a 48 Days radio listener asked this question:  “I am attending many conferences and meet-ups this year. What should be my main objective when I attend them. I hear some people say that 1 tip or takeaway could take my business to the next level which means I need to listen to the speakers and take good notes. Others say that the sessions doesn’t really matter, its meeting people attending the conferences that will make it worth while. I even heard Cliff say that being in the halls during other sessions are the best time to meet the … Read More

Read and grow rich – really

You know how I feel about reading good books.  They have been my window to a better world since those early days on the farm – they have introduced me to my most significant mentors and have shown me the steps to higher levels of success physically, spiritually, in relationships and in business.  My “education” that led to getting pieces of paper I can hang on the wall was expensive in both dollars and time.  The education I’ve gotten through books of my own choosing has been both rapid and inexpensive. You can bypass those with more degrees, intelligence and … Read More

Free Ice Cream today – no joke

Today — Tuesday, April 12th is Free Cone Day, at Ben & Jerry’s from Noon to 8pm! Hey this is no joke – and it’s not April Fool’s Day.  It’s just Ben & Jerry’s way of thanking their customers for their support and to celebrate 33 years of giving us the funkiest ice cream the world has ever known. You may have to wait in line but you can use that time to talk to other fans of the event.  To find the closest scoop shop near you, click here.  You can try the Bonnaroo Buzz, the Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone … Read More

What is your “donut hole?”

Joanne and I were in Chicago this last week.  On a bitter cold morning we planned to have breakfast at the famous Lou Mitchell’s restaurant.  After walking several blocks, fighting the cold, we finally found this place, started as a family restaurant in 1923.  One day in 1958, someone decided to give out donut holes to the people waiting in line to get in.  The response was such that they have never stopped.  Now 50 years later that is still their magic formula.  Trust me, the place is nothing fancy – it’s in an unattractive part of town, in the bottom … Read More