If people like you they’ll listen to you


We are all selling.  Whether you’re a teacher, a homemaker, a CEO or a used car salesman, we’re all selling something.  And that’s okay.  In fact, it’s great news.  Because that’s how we serve each other well.  When I was a young Mennonite farm kid I thought sales people were out to take advantage of us.  But then I heard Zig Ziglar say ”You can get anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”  If people trust you, they’ll do business with you He went on to say, [spp-tweet tweet=”If people like you … Read More

I need to make money and find a wife

If you’re selling cars, preaching the gospel, or finding a spouse – the process is the same.  That is, if you want effective results. Here is the sequence for successful selling – of anything.  Developing rapport and trust – 40% of the process. Identifying Needs – 30% of the process. Product Presentation – 20% of the process. Gaining Commitment – 10% of the process. I see people who jump on Facebook and immediately begin blasting multiple posts with their greatest product that you must buy.  I see people wanting jobs who simply walk in and tell the manager they need a … Read More

Getting Comfortable Discussing Your Fees

[note color=”#FDD017″] This is a guest post by Clark Gaither, MD.   He is a board certified family physician in private practice in Goldsboro, NC.  Dr. Gaither is an active member of the 48Days.net community and blogs regularly on doctor burnout.  He is also completing the 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program to more effectively help doctors reignite with passion and purpose.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] Everyone beginning a business in coaching has probably faced the following scenario. With great confidence you have delivered your very best presentation to a potential client. The client … Read More

Is there a market for you?

Thomas Edison once said, “I only want to invent things that sell.”  While this may sound obvious, it’s an important principle to understand if you are getting a degree, looking for a job, starting a business or inventing a product.   And apparently it’s not obvious as we continue to see people wanting to be paid for services or products no one wants. Did you know that 98 percent of all patented inventions never make enough money to recover the expenses of getting a patent? The inventor was deluded into thinking that if he/she could get a patent, surely someone would … Read More

Everyone “Sells”

sell yourself

Describe any success in life that does not require selling? Getting into college – you have to sell yourself. Getting married – you have to sell yourself. Getting a job – any job – you have to sell yourself.

Sell Baby Sell

Here is a note I received for my podcast this week: Dan, I have been in sales since the late 80s, but never considered myself a salesman. It was the career that chose me when I needed a job.  I’m tired. My self-esteem is probably at an all-time low. I have been relegated to again looking for sales positions that pay what I need to sustain my current lifestyle. I feel I am truly living Henry David Thoreau’s quote “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”. When you say you don’t want to be in “sales” you imply … Read More

MLM — More Loose Misrepresentations

With layoffs continuing and jobs difficult to find, a lot of people are signing up for direct selling opportunities as a way to create their own income. Mary Kay reported a 22 percent increase in its new sales force in the first quarter of 09. Avon reported a 51% increase in March in active representatives selling its products. Hundreds of companies promising beautiful skin, free legal advice, reversed aging, magical effects of tree bark, reduced mortgages and unique wealth systems are targeting those desperate for generating income. As you know, I love entrepreneurial opportunities and am seeing thousands of people … Read More