This just isn’t fair …

being fairly paid

Are you being fairly paid for the work you do? A listener just saw some new employees start at the company he works for – and they are being paid the same as he. Is this fair? Well, there’s an interesting parable in the Bible that addresses this exact issue. How to determine if you are being fairly paid — and what to do if you’re not. Episode #658 April 05, 2019 Hi, this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show – where each week we take 48 minutes to dive into real … Read More

Gimme a raise!

It’s the beginning of another year and many of you are hoping for a raise in 2015.  Ask yourself this:  How much did I increase revenue for the company in 2014?  How much profit did I make my employer today?”  If the answer is “a lot” you have a shot at getting a raise this year.  If the answer is “none,” it’s time to get your resume updated. An employee cannot be just an expense to the company.  The rule of thumb is that the efforts of any employee must generate 3-5 times what the company pays that person.  Don’t … Read More

Is 48 Days just hype?

Dear Cynic – You are right to question spending any money or time in a self-help program. But don’t slam the door completely. I started selling 48 Days to the Work You Love in a 3-ring binder with two CDs in 1996. And yes, I generated over $2 Million with that version, packaging them in our upstairs bonus room.

Reverse Telecommuting

There are so many new words being birthed by the changing workplace.  Words like “googling” as a verb, electronic immigrants, prairie dogging, ohnosecond, blamestorming, seagull manager, chainsaw consultant, flight risk, assmosis, uninstalled, and cube farm. We all understand the term “telecommuting” – when you have work from the office to complete at home.  How about the opposite of that – “reverse telecommuting.”  This is the commonplace practice of bringing personal work to the office. It’s no secret a whole lot of time is spent with employees paying personal bills, making personal phone calls, making flight arrangements, medical and social appointments, … Read More

Show me the money – in my paycheck!

Here’s a question I received a couple of days ago: “Dan – I work for a large corporation and have recently applied for a new position. The person in this position before me has the same credentials as I do and about the same experience. They have offered me the position for about $5,500.00 less than what was being paid to the previous person.  What do you think is the best way to handle this situation?”  Here are some guidelines: Pay is NOT based on: Your age Your previous salary (or the previous salary for the position) Your degrees Your work … Read More