Stop doing that

If there’s one reason I hear more than any other for failed New Year’s resolutions, it’s “I just didn’t have the time.”  Many times success in goals comes not by adding more to our busy lives, but by deciding what we’re going to STOP doing.  When I stopped serving on boards and going to civic and committee meetings it freed up significant time that I now spend writing – which I consider my #1 priority. What can you STOP doing to accomplish your goals? “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per … Read More

Make sure your goals are your own

Many people are already failing in their New Year’s resolutions – losing weight and reading the Bible from cover to cover seem to be neck and neck as failed goals.  For most, it’s because those were not authentic personal goals but simply something they thought they “should” do or something that would fulfill others expectations. If you don’t know why you failed, you are no wiser than when you began.