10 Steps to an “education,” jobs and wealth


Do you need a college degree to get ahead today?  That’s one of the hottest topics out there and a continuing question I am being asked.  (I included a new chapter in the revision of 48 Days to the Work You Love titled Yes, I Have an “Education.”)   I love the process of learning and have pursued that in multiple ways.  Yes, I did go to college and have both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology.  I completed my doctoral studies but never turned in a dissertation. Instead of creating a document for four old guys to read … Read More

Your success is guaranteed – if you do this

Investing in yourself, Jim Rohn, Rich People, Libraries, Books

Your success is guaranteed – if you do this “Here is a rule that will guarantee your success – and possibly make you rich: Invest 3 percent of your income back into yourself.” That’s great advice from Brian Tracy. I’m going to show you the formula that can double or triple your income. Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are for conservative people who just want to protect the money they already have.  I will describe the only investing strategy I recommend if you want to exponentially increase your income — investing in yourself. It will work for you whether you … Read More

I love books …… but

Growing up in a home without radio or TV drove me to books as a way to expand my little world.  And that little world has expanded from doing simple farm chores like baling hay and milking cows to writing, speaking and coaching today.  Reading allowed to see more and expect more and ultimately to doing, having and being more.  The UPS driver roars up my lane 2 or 3 times a week with new and exciting books to allow me to continue to expand my experiences and opportunities.  Recently my reading list has included The Happiness of Pursuit by … Read More

All this work and my life hasn’t changed

This is a guest post by Joanne Miller.  She is my wife and affectionately known as Queen Mother in the 48Days community. She writes, serves the needs of others and spends time with her grandchildren. “In a recent podcast Dan read a question from a listener who said she had been reading all the right books, going to seminars and doing many of the typical steps to elevating herself to a better, more exciting life but nothing had changed.  In eight years.  She is still where she was eight years ago.  Dan told her what she needed to do is take action.  … Read More

Is 48 Days just hype?

Dear Cynic – You are right to question spending any money or time in a self-help program. But don’t slam the door completely. I started selling 48 Days to the Work You Love in a 3-ring binder with two CDs in 1996. And yes, I generated over $2 Million with that version, packaging them in our upstairs bonus room.