I want to just serve – not make money …

charging for services

A common statement from talented people is that they feel guilty charging for something they are passionate about and that comes so easily for them. So is it better to do something you don’t care about as a means of generating your necessary income? I don’t think so – let’s look at the ways to serve well – and live well. Episode #667 – June 07, 2019 –  Hi, this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show – where each week we take 48 minutes to dive into real life questions about finding … Read More

I’d like to be a brother like that


I’d like to be a brother like that– A listener is leaving her psychotherapy practice to go help an ailing cousin.  With the opportunities we have today, are you in a position to move, help a friend or relative, and still continue to live fully yourself?  You can be a brother, cousin – or wife, husband, sister, mom that other people admire.  Put yourself in a position to give generously.   Questions This Week: I have an opportunity to do a 60 second elevator pitch for my dream job. Help! I am wanting to inspire a very poor teenager.  What book should I have … Read More


Not all businesspeople are greedy. We’ve heard the Bernie Madoff investment stories, heard about banks that lend to unqualified candidates, and have seen the get-rich-quick promises on late night TV. It’s easy to quickly classify all businesspeople or for-profit companies as greedy. And I agree, greed is typically a short-sighted model for taking advantage of others.

For-profit or non-profit?

On December 3, 2009, the Philadelphia City Council voted unanimously to pass a bill that creates a new sustainable business tax credit of US$4,000 for B Corporations—certified socially responsible companies (1). The decision could be a sign of what’s to come: new legislation that provides incentives for businesses to operate in a socially beneficial manner. There are so many variations of us who are doing “ministry,” ethical capitalism, green, organic, fair-trade, eco-capitalism, humanitarian, social  entrepreneurship or just serving customers well.  I’m not sure how much benefit or restriction the legal structures provide – or inhibit. We’re seeing some new categories … Read More