How 48 Days took me from helpless to high-achiever

[note color=”#FDD017″] This is a guest post from member John Henderson.  Recently John sent me a copy of his book along with a handwritten note from his kids that said: “Dear Dan Miller, Thank you for helping my dad find the work he likes. Thanks to you we can live any were we want.  Sincerely Malachi, Porter and Barry.”  John says:  I started my adult life in a less than perfect situation.  Broke, homeless, addicted and on the verge of multiple felonies, I began to change my life.  After years of trying, a few wins and a number of losses, I have re-bounded my life … Read More

You’re still wearing a necktie – oh no!

I grew up in a Mennonite household.  My Dad was the pastor of the little tiny church in our community and we didn’t do a lot of things other people did.  We didn’t go to dances, movies, ballgames – and we sure didn’t wear neckties.  All those things were signs of being in the “world.”  In my rebelliousness I used to hide a necktie in the barn and grab it on my way out so I could look “cool” like all my friends.  As I grew up and on my own I wore the wide, the hand painted, the narrow, … Read More

Push me over the cliff……

Have you ever had that sensation of just taking off?  You know the adrenaline rush of knowing you are going over the edge for your first bungee jump, or just at the peak of the first roller coaster drop, or ready to open the door for the first day of business.  I’m in the middle of an experience that will capture that feeling forever. I have always been fascinated by the eagle.  And I have always wanted to own an original piece from my friend and world-renowned sculptor Scott Stearman.  So when we began discussing some possibilities about a year … Read More

No one will mentor me

A recent podcast listener says my advice doesn’t work in Atlanta. “Good Evening Dan Miller, I listen to your Podcast show every Friday. I have taken your advice but it does not seem to work in Atlanta, Georgia. I have tried time after time to acquire successful Mentors but most of the time I’m told No or they don’t have the time. Most people will not share any wisdom or knowledge on how to become more successful in life. Most of the time people judge people based on the news channel here.  I know there’s more to life than getting paid … Read More

Why can’t I get ahead?

Have you noticed that it’s always the people who are already at the top of the success ladder who attend the most trainings? Why do they do it? Top achievers know the value of investing in themselves to create the life they truly want. They know the value of continued study, and of preparation. Perhaps most importantly, they know the value of spending time with other HIGH ACHIEVERS.  At last week’s Innovate Conference we had  artists, musicians, authors and speakers who came with the anticipation they would see their creative talents explode into meaningful reality.   With speakers like Michael Hyatt, Lee Lentz, Dorsey McHugh, … Read More

Are you listening for your music?

Last night Joanne pulled out an old movie for us to watch.  We went to see August Rush when it was first released back in 2007 and I immediately put it in my top five favorite movies of all time.  I wrote about my response back then and last night I was just as excited once again as the story unfolded. The lead character had been sent to an orphanage at birth, but he always believed he had a Mom and Dad out there somewhere.  He believed that somehow music would connect them, thus he heard music everywhere he went. … Read More

Want a 9% raise? All it takes is a little sweat…

We know hitting the gym is a great way to forget about your troubles and relieve stress.  Those work and money problems you’ve got just seem to disappear in the rear view mirror when you’re in the middle of a great sweat.  Guess what?  You just may be on your way to a better financial return than that investment in Facebook stock a few weeks ago. Workers who exercise regularly earn 9% higher pay on average than those who don’t, according to a study published in the June issue of the Journal of Labor Research. Okay we know that exercise … Read More

Why would I pay to go to a conference?

We just had another amazing group here at the Sanctuary for our last Coaching With Excellence event of this year.  People from 24 to 74 years old, with areas of coaching focus ranging from finances, career, parenting, rock bands, to pastors and writers.  And we consistently have people asking if we can’t just put the content online – so they don’t have the added investment of travel and hotels.  What I tell them is that the content is only 50% of the value of coming to a live event.  Yes, I know that in this age of easy access to … Read More

Platform – Interview with Michael Hyatt

Get ready for a short but powerful audio interview with Michael Hyatt – on his brand new book – Platform Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  A Step-By-Step Guide For Anyone With Something To Say Or Sell.  (The interview link is at the bottom of this note.) In today’s marketplace we talk a lot about creating your own platform – your own brand.  You hear me encourage you to see yourself as self-employed, no matter what your work situation may be.  The explosion of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, podcasting and a variety of other social network tools allow anyone to connect and … Read More