I got on the wrong boat

I got on the wrong boat - 3 things to consider when finding your purpose

Recently I received the pre-coaching information profile from a 40-yr-old teacher.  He wrote, “I feel like I got on the wrong boat, and now my life is half over.”   Wow – what a painful statement about moving along in this journey called life.  Are you clear on where you are going?  Or on what your purpose here is?  If not, why not?  How can we find fulfillment, peace and meaning without being clear on our “mission” in life? In sharing this with my wife, Joanne, she paused and then related her absolute confidence in knowing what she was sent here … Read More

The 48 Days Challenge – (correction) TOMORROW NIGHT

I just realized I sent this out TODAY – Announcing our live teleseminar TOMORROW NIGHT.  I do apologize for the mixup.  For all of you who have already registered – yes, it’s tomorrow, Thursday evening at 7:00 Central Time. Do you believe you could dramatically change your life in 48 Days?  I’m inviting you to join the 48 Days Challenge – STARTING TOMORROW NIGHT.  Are you ready for 2014?  Have you decided what the New Year will bring? With all the popularity of 48 Days, we’ve never done this kind of challenge before.  We want to count down the days – from … Read More